Monday, October 06, 2008

Craft Night

Tonight was the first activity night of the new year for Women's Ministries at my church. I thought it was a great success! A couple of ladies are taking charge of each month's activity, and they set the bar kinda high tonight. Here's a picture of the ladies who were able to attend. You might be able to click for a closer look at the cards and potpourri jars we made. It was so much fun to have some time out and away from the house, and even better to spend it with such great ladies.

Next Monday, the 13th, will be the first night of our new Bible study which I happen to be leading. I've spent hours looking through various materials, I still haven't found the right one. It makes me a little nervous to cut it so close to the study and not have even ordered the material. Ack!

I'd best be getting to bed.


Greg C said...

Oh that reminds me. This is First Wednesday. My wife wanted me to go with her. This really looks like a fun group. Isn't it great to have friends to do things with.

Keetha Broyles said...

Deven, how about a "Squeeze Your Own Juice" type study?

Basically, you use a list of "dig it out for yourself" type questions which each lady uses during the week to study that week's passage. You meet to discuss. This can be applied to ANY Book of the Bible. I've done it with James and would recommend starting there.

Some questions you might want on your list:

1) Find all the promises (both overt and implied)

2) How many times is God mentioned, and in what context

3) Warnings (what to avoid - - sins)

4) Exhortations. (What to apply to your life)

5) Problems, questions that I found in this passage

6) What do I learn about the author

I LOVE this type of a study - - - each person can put as much or as little work into it as they wish, and there is ALWAYS great discussion.

You wouldn't have to purchase any materials, just print out a question form for each lady for each chapter.

2nd Cup of Coffee said...

Girl, you have a busy life. Sleep much?? :)