Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Unreasonably Asleep

The other morning, I awakened to a jackhammer-type sound. Now, my headaches have taken odd forms before, but I am happy to say that they've never felt like jackhammers. My children can make a lot of noise, but not of the jackhammer variety. So what was this noise?

A jackhammer.

My across-the-street neighbors were having their driveway torn up. Again. They had some company out laying a new driveway about a month ago, but it was never finished. So I guess they took a mulligan and decided to have someone else do it. Most reasonable people would find jackhammering at 8 AM perfectly OK, since most people are at work or at least awake. However, I was neither reasonable nor awake. :)


Keetha Broyles said...

Ya gotta love it when that happens.


Jewel said...

i'm pretty sure i love that you used the word mulligan in this context. haha

Anonymous said...

Ugh... happens all the time here in NYC. There's jackhammers, horns blasting, garbage trucks- all outside your tiny apartment window at 6am! It's wierd, you get so used to the noise, that when we're visiting my family in Canada, or Dan's fam on the farm in PA, we can hardly sleep because it's so QUIET!!!