Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Elephantile Gestation (aka An Update on the State of the Baby/Pregnancy)

Well, according to the good doctor, as of Tuesday afternoon, "That baby is still pretty high up there. 1, maybe 2, cm, and a good 50% effaced."

In other words, a very little bit of something is happening, but not a whole lot. He also said that if I twisted his arm, he would induce this weekend. (It's SO NICE to have my brother-in-law as my doctor!) But I don't think any arm twisting is in order at this point. So I'll just finish up these last two days of school and take it easy.


Stephen and Michelle said...

Well, at least something is happening! The end is in sight...

I have to keep telling myself that every hour so that I don't go crazy (of course my "end in site" could still be 3 weeks from now) ;)

B,P,R,S & L said...

So, are you done with school after this no matter what, or are you waiting till you pop?

Anonymous said...

I was induced-- and I would like to point out how incredibly hard my labor was (without pain meds). So think hard before you decide on being induced. :)

Good luck! I hope he comes soon :)