Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Elephantile Gestation (aka An Update on the State of the Baby/Pregnancy)

Well, according to the good doctor, as of Tuesday afternoon, "That baby is still pretty high up there. 1, maybe 2, cm, and a good 50% effaced."

In other words, a very little bit of something is happening, but not a whole lot. He also said that if I twisted his arm, he would induce this weekend. (It's SO NICE to have my brother-in-law as my doctor!) But I don't think any arm twisting is in order at this point. So I'll just finish up these last two days of school and take it easy.


Stephen & Michelle said...

Well, at least something is happening! The end is in sight...

I have to keep telling myself that every hour so that I don't go crazy (of course my "end in site" could still be 3 weeks from now) ;)

Paula, Bobby, Rebekah, and Sarah said...

So, are you done with school after this no matter what, or are you waiting till you pop?

Michelle McCallum said...

I was induced-- and I would like to point out how incredibly hard my labor was (without pain meds). So think hard before you decide on being induced. :)

Good luck! I hope he comes soon :)