Saturday, July 01, 2006

Charlottetown..... More like "Let-Down Town"

I forgot some of the very significant things that happened today. At dinner, we ordered Katy's first restaurant meal that was chosen with her in mind. Drum roll please...............a hot dog! We peeled the skin off because it was kinda thick, but other than that, she went to town on that puppy. Actually, she didn't eat quite as much as we thought at first because when we lifted her out of the stroller, we saw several clandestine pieces hidden away. Also, I was so excited because we kept getting lemon wedges with our food. I thought I'd let Kate try one and capture that classic "sour face" since we had our camera right there. I let her touch the lemon wedge to her mouth and.....nothing. She liked it, Mikey! She just kept gnawing away on that thing. Talk about a let down. First Charlottetown and then my sour face picture. Sheesh.

We also saw the North Rustico fireworks. Very nice for a small village. Unfortunately, it started pouring before they were done. We raced back to the car, dodging the raindrops, and watched the rest of the show from inside. Not quite the same, but much more dry. Katelyn didn't mind the fireworks at all. We were relatively far away, but still, I am proud of her. :)

So Charlottetown, PEI, is not the most hoppin' place in the world. It's the biggest city on PEI, and so I thought there would be a bit more to it. Nope. I was wrong. We purposefully left later today so that we could spend the afternoon and evening in Ch'town and then see their fireworks, presumably the best on the island. We'll never know, because we couldn't find enough to occupy our time there. We ate lunch by the wharf when we got to town. Then we walked around the wharf, where they were having a huge celebration for Canada Day. (BTW, Happy Canada Day to all you Canadians out there!) The celebration was great, but it wasn't really for our family. There were concerts for which you needed a ticket. No thanks. There was a whole lawn full of activities for young children, like rock climbing, inflated games, etc. Not quite there yet. We decided to go visit Founders Hall. We learned quite a bit about Canada and how it was formed, and that PEI was host to the event that eventually led to Canada's formation as an independent nation. That was actually quite informative and entertaining. When we finished, however, it was only 4. That meant we had to kill 5.5 hours before we could even think about seeing fireworks. We walked a bit, lounged around a bit, ate supper, and then gave up. Who were we kidding? We were bored out of our minds. We did find a few more shopping centres on the way out of town, but they were all closed for CANADA DAY. Even Walmart. They take their national holidays quite seriously here. We needed to buy more puffs for Katelyn. Sigh. Oh well. It is now 9, and we're off to North Rustico for their fireworks. They are rumored to be decent. I'll let you know the American point of view later.

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