Friday, June 30, 2006

Avonlea Village

Today was another great day. Those seem to come by the bunch when one is experiencing a dream vacation. Today's outing was to Avonlea Village. This village is a recreation of what life was like around the turn of the century on PEI and also a setting for characaters from the Anne books to come to life. The cast included Anne, Gilbert, Diana, Josie Pye, Charlie Sloane, Timmy Sloane, Marilla, Matthew, Rachel Lynde, Mrs. Sloane, Miss Stacy, Mr. Phillips... That might be about it. The daily schedule included musical concerts, scenes from the story acted out onstage, a puppet show, a county fair where we could participate, and all sorts of activities. Of course there were places to shop, but that was only a tiny portion of the village. There was a schoolhouse, community hall, church, a few houses, stores, and more. I was very impressed. You can tell that it is designed with families in mind. They have places for you to eat a picnic lunch if you brought your own, a playground for the kids... We took Katy on the teeter-totter. I tried to film it, but I don't know that it turned out too well. I was kinda sea-sick filming it, let alone watching it. We'll see. So we spent several hours there. I painted a seashell as a momento. Stephen participated in a potato sack race and manure toss (not as gross as it sounds)... It was great family fun. During the only downpour of the day we had the fortune to be in the ice cream/chocolate shop, so we waited out the storm in hog heaven. Last but not least, we went into the dress up shop where they had a variety of "old time" clothes you could wear and then have them take pictures with your own camera. I thought that was a nice twist on the type where you have to pay an arm and a leg to get those kinds of shots. So I will include one here that I haven't finished working on yet, but you'll get the general idea.

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