Thursday, June 29, 2006

A guy's perspective

I thought I would let everyone in on my side of things - not that I disagree with anything my wife has posted or that there is any controversy. I just have different experiences and memories that my wife has had. So here goes...

Day 1: Obviously this must be Tuesday since this was the day we started. Of course, this means my numbering will be off from Deven's, but oh well. It is my perspective afterall. Anyways, we had a mess trying to pack for this trip. Deven lives for the last minute - not necessarily bad but very hectic for the forward planning male. I was amazed that we were completely packed before Deven left for her Stampin Up meeting at 5:30. (Another aside, the reason we left on a Tuesday was because Deven couldn't miss her once-a-month meeting where she makes various crafty things. This is so beyond a man's thinking I'm not even going to try; so I occupied my time with Taekwondo practice.) We finally leave and Deven decribed pretty much everything to a tee. I believe Katelyn must have some JackJack (Incredibles reference) tendencies. I'm still waiting for the horns to come though.

Day 2: Torture. Early. Can't think. Plane interesting. Ahh, much better. I'm still tired but at least somewhat functioning. We board for the second leg of the trip and a wonderful lady happily takes Katelyn for multiple trips to the cabin to see the pilots. I'm slightly jealous but glad of the break. We finally reach our destination and make our way through Canada's security points. It is at the point of getting our overpriced rental car that we have a two hour drive still. (Another side note: Why doesn't someone come out with rent-a-junker so that trips can be considerably cheaper?) I manage to miraculously make it over to PEI to the touristy welcome center over the "Confederation Bridge". Let me just say that they have quite the racket. It is free to get to PEI, but you pay an amazing amount to get off of the island. It is at these tourist shops that disaster occurs. Most things are going fairly normal on what little sleep we have had. We visit the museum , change Katelyn, visit gift shop, feed Katelyn, look at brochures which Katelyn eats and finally head to Subway. After scarfing down my interesting scallop sub, we quickly notice that Katelyn has managed to again need our assistance. She wears Pampers - at this moment the "baby dry" version. We have purchased the next version or "cruisers" but these were packed away. These "baby dry" diapers did indeed keep her dry by managing to push all the rotten banana oatmeal out of them onto her stroller. Of course, she notices this and immediately sticks her hands down to play. It is now that Deven has managed to eat half her tuna sandwich. I'm not sure how she managed to eat the rest, but we scurried back to the family restroom to take care of the situation. Being fully awake at this point but still mentally not there, we change her, wipe off the stroller seat and set her back in it where the wetness manages to seep onto her new outfit as well. We go through some more shops where we notice that the smell has not gone away. I decide to carry her for a bit. Of course, her now smelly outfit makes my arm smelly as well, but that is parenting I guess. We do manage to have enough intelligence to protect the car seat before making our way to our lodgings. Katelyn had a wonderful time splasing in the water as did I sipping tea and eating lots of cookies that evening.

Day 3: MMMMMMMMMM. After an amazingly refreshing nights rest, we make our way to breakfast. God's favor is now shining after our previously stressful day with the bounty and taste of this food. We continue to relax until noon to continue the perfect day. The remainder of the day was a blur of Green Gables sights, shops, and walks that thrilled my wife to no end (which is the point of this trip). We saw many amazing sights of God's creation and ended our day with some more splashing in water with Katelyn and wonderful tea time company. What a good day.

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