Thursday, June 29, 2006

Overpacked? I'm traveling with a baby!

DAY ONE - Check out pics on our Flickr page
To give the full scope of our torment, I start with Tuesday night, which is technically "Day One Eve." I wanted to leave for our trip on Wednesday so I could still be in town for my stamp club Tuesday night. Our flight was leaving Indy at 6 AM (due to a flight scheduler with a SICK sense of humor). We knew it would be too difficult for us (read: we're too lazy) to get up that early and leave from Marion, so we got a hotel room for the night. I got back from stamp club later than anticipated. We didn't leave our house till 9:30, arriving to our hotel at about 11:30. On the way down we had to pull over to give Katy some medicine for her gums (teething issues), but thankfully she had fallen asleep by the time we got to the hotel. I [she said with a proud air] had the foresight to reserve a crib, and so we looked forward to getting in and getting to sleep. There were a few occurences that, had I forseen them, would have made me weep and gnash my teeth. #1 - Katy woke up when we took her out of the carseat. #2 - The hotel had no record of our reservation for the room and for the crib. #3 - Our poor girl was so overtired that she mutated into some unrecognizable demon-child who would do nothing but screech, scream, and writhe uncontrollably. I knew it was bad when our poor hotel neighbor slammed his/her door and stormed down the hall. Sigh. Sorry about that, whoever you are. Even if she had gone to sleep, there was no where to put her down. She has been in a "daddy-only" mode lately, so Stephen was soothing her. It worked until, still holding her, he would try to lie down. Then she would get all worked up again. This cycle of doom went on until, having no more resistance, she gave it up at about 12:45. We put her between us on the bed and thought "Ah. Now we can sleep." Had we been able to hear God, I'm sure His laughter at our overly optimistic thoughts would have been telling. Katelyn wanted to hold Stephen's hand and punch me in the face for our remaining three hours of sleep. Fun times. Needless to say, none of us was not well-rested for our flights. She really was a good girl on the plane. She had moments of antsy wriggling, but we survived. We got into our rental car in Halifax and drove to PEI. Here's where things started looking way up.

We are staying at Kindred Spirits Inn (in the Gatehouse). Stephen told me we got a free room upgrade. He says it's probably because of the owners wanting to keep Katy from disturbing other guests. I say if that's what Her Royal Cuteness gets us, bring it on! It's almost a little efficiency (minus the stove), so we have plenty of room. Our bed is at one end and Katy's pack n play is at the other. When we got here last night, one of the first things we did was take her in the jacuzzi next to our room. It was great (and not hot at all, for those who are concerned)! We dried off, and Katy went to bed. I stayed with her while Stephen went to the lobby for the nightly tea they host here. It's a great chance to meet others who are staying at Kindred Spirits. He brought me back some cookies and we went to sleep. What a great end to the day!

DAY TWO - Check out pics on our Flickr page

Today was a my ideal vacation day: started late, had fun, came back early evening. Katy slept till about 8:30 for a grand total of 12 hours sleep! We all needed that. We had a wonderful breakfast here (Stephen's favorite part of the day), and then Katy took her morning nap. When she woke up, we left for Green Gables! We walked in and around the house that inspired the location for LM Mongomery's books. I loved the beautiful grounds, and we took a stroll down "Lover's Lane." We also took time to drive out to LMM's birthplace and her home in Cavendish (the town called Avonlea in the books). We took some pictures of the scenery, realizing that anything with hills and water is fascinating to people from good ol' Indiana. The pace of the day has been perfect. Having Katelyn with us makes us slow down, and it feels a lot more like vacation. You can see the rest of the pictures at the site listed above, but I couldn't resist putting in this picture of Katy trying out an Anne hat with hair included.

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