Sunday, July 02, 2006

An actual day of rest!

Since today was Sunday, we decided to follow our usual pattern and attend church. I was looking forward to a service in another place. I love seeing how universal the family of God is, and I also like getting to hear another church's music. So we went to the Cavendish United Church, which used to be Cavendish Prebyterian. LM Montgomery met her husband here while she was serving as church organist and he was serving as minister. (I'm telling you -- church is THE place to meet people.) It was a very litugical service, but it felt informal. In fact, the congregation was so small that the pastor had the visitors say their names and home locations since she could recognize them all from the pulpit. The small choir -- all women but one -- performed a lovely special. Unfortunately, during the Scripture reading Stephen had to make an exit with Katelyn, who was getting a bit fussy. We chatted with some wonderful church people after service, and then went back to Kindred Spirits for the afternoon. All of us took turns napping and watching a movie. We went out to eat in Summerside and also to see if it was a town worth making a day trip to. Turns out that it's not worth the trip, but we highly recommend their Tim Horton's restaurant. When we got back, we decided to be good citizens and return the movie we borrowed, fully rewound, might I add, to the lobby movie case. While there, Stephen and I decided to try our skill at quilting, and Katelyn decided to try her skill at making a mess. We all did a decent job. It might be the only time in my life that I ever quilt, so I thought it best to experiment with someone else's material. (Bethany Mason, please be proud!) Now we are going to end the evening with some hot chocolate and listen to the rain as it makes it way out to sea.

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Anonymous said...

It sounds like you all had a great time! I loved PEI when I went about 10 years ago; I bet not much as changed there. Love the photos!