Sunday, July 02, 2006

Days Four through Six - A Guy's Perspective continues

Due to my usual male self, I am lumping the last three days together. Deven does a great job at sharing details but misses all the important parts - namely food. I tend to remember events by what I ate there - at least until my lack of memory sets in. I still remember the wonderful desserts I had in England and Greece on various occassions. However, I can't remember their names just the tastes and looks. I am forever trying to find the recipes but nothing ever looks right. Even so, if I can remember the food, it spurs my memory toward the remaining events as well. As such, Day Four in Avonlea village was memorable, Day Five less so, and Day Six will probably be promptly forgotten if not for the pictures and Deven's writings. Since I don't want to stop on a bad note, I'll go in reverse order:
Day Six: Very restful - ok food. We've been eating pbj for lunches so that we can eat better dinners so to celebrate Sunday, we had two pbjs and watched Shawdowlands. Truthfully, not much happened this day of which we are grateful. Even Katelyn took the opportunity to sleep much of the day.
Day Five: Very not restful (thus the need for Day Six) - good but disappointing food. Expectations are amazing in their ability to determine how a day goes or how good food tastes. This particular day was expected to be quite an event and would have been had Katelyn been about five years older. As it was, what we found was good (cool sandcastles, tour of Canada's history) but not quite as filling as we expected. The same was true of dinner. I had done some research as to where to eat lobster and found a highly recommended restuarant in Charlottetown. I was disappointed in what I remembered from earlier eaten lobsters. Once again, the food matched the day.
Day Four: Active but restful - excellent food. Possibly due to my lack of expectations, I was pleasantly surprised by Avonlea Village. We all had a great time as we partook in the many activities that included a village fair! While I didn't win any event, the potato sack race and dung toss were loads of fun. Even though we were rained out, I still managed to participate in my first ever pie eating contest. Alas, we four men were beaten by a lass that managed to finish hers before I had gotten half of mine down. We were amazed but actually just grateful to be eating pie to go with our earlier ice cream and rasberry cordials. I believe it was just fitting that we then got to watch three pigs race to their meal of slop as well.

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