Sunday, January 22, 2012

When Last We Spoke

The last time I posted was nearly a year ago. That's a dirty, rotten shame, because it means I've missed a lot of Joshua's growing up. I've been active on Facebook, but that's much less helpful in chronicling the events in the Swan house. I'll look back on there and see what we've been up to.
Don't feel obligated to read. I just want a more permanent record than FB.


  • Saw The King's Speech with friends.
  • Experienced brain cell shortages. ("Just called Katrina about five times, wondering why my daughter wasn't responding. Probably because her name is KATY.")
  • Katy got two broken teeth and three cavities repaired. No clue about the broken teeth until she told the hygenist to watch out for the sharp ones in back.
  • I was held hostage and forced to join the evil crew of Mrs. Captain Tooth Pirate and Bad Spiderman.
  • Joshua started clapping (on the 23rd).


  • Joshua fell asleep in his jumpy seat while I was in the shower.
  • Stephen made strawberry jam.
  • Joshua started pulling up to standing.
  • Spent Spring Break time with Sally & Marvin where Katy and I got our first pedicures.
  • Visited the ER with Caleb.
  • Joshua said Mamamamama (2nd word, on the 27th).

  • Introduced Ken & Sarah to the wonders of IKEA.
  • Katy told me that if God had made the world an ellipse, Uncle Scott & Aunt Jodi would live closer.
  • Went to Katy's kindergarten roundup at Lakeview.
  • Joshua taught me the importance of securing the lid on our homemade laundry detergent.
  • Katy told me that when people say "Praise the Lord!" after an scare, they really were just nervous about something, and then it didn't happen.
  • Caleb said, "How do I look? Cool as nice and lookin' good."
  • Katy bolstered my self esteem by telling Caleb that "this [Leapster Explorer] could even make Mommy smart."
  • Joshua joined the Toothful Club (on the 20th).
  • Caleb decided to turn four years old, much to Mommy's chagrin.
  • Totally got up at 3:50AM to watch the royal wedding. Laptop in bed and all.

  • Kicked off the month by moving in with Ken & Sarah so we can build next door.
  • Caleb said, "Momma, wilw you come he'p me? My [toy] horse keeps tip-overing. I sink his wheels are confected."
  • Spent a few nights in the basement when the bedrooms reached 85 degrees.
  • Practiced my tick-removal skills.
  • Started working at the church as the Children's Director.
  • Proctored a final for Ken's class.
  • Katy's last day of preschool, much to Mommy's chagrin.
  • Stephen's 36th birthday.

  • Barista-ed at my niece's open house.
  • Enjoyed an America's Got Talent season, to which Katy said, "I guess America has a LITTLE talent."
  • Caleb melted my heart with, "I'll pray for you, Momma. Dear God, thank you for my momma because she is so pretty, and I love her big much."
  • Caleb got a colonoscopy. Whoopee.
  • Put batteries in Caleb's toy. "Thanks, Momma! I'm so PROUD of you!!"
  • Laminated 60 feet of VBS posters.
  • Celebrated Joshua's 1st birthday!

  • Overheard from Katy to Caleb. "Pretend you were a boy wolf and I was a girl wolf, and I fell in love with you, but you had to go to the bathroom and then I kissed you after you washed your hands."
  • Had flashbacks to a few years ago when I took my baby down from the top of a six-foot ladder.
  • Went to the Wabash County fair.
  • Celebrated our TENTH anniversary with a night in Fort Wayne at the same B&B where we honeymooned.

  • Caleb won the huge prize from the Summer Reading Program at our library - a new bike!
  • Katy started kindergarten.
  • Had a blast at the State Fair.
  • Katy lost her first tooth (on the 26th).

  • Had an awesome Grandparents Day at church. Highlight was having grandparents pray for grandkids.
  • Went to WMCR (a married couples' retreat) and got appointed to the planning committee.
  • Took a Spanish-speaking mom and her son in our van on the preschool pumpkin patch trip. It was a great chance to practice for me.
  • Went to the Come to the Fire conference. Totally recommend it! Came home to Caleb asking for an "Africa-cot."
  • Celebrated Katy's 6th birthday.

  • Celebrated my 32nd birthday.
  • Caleb ignored my warning and tried to climb the short dresser. He tipped it, of course, but I think he learned his lesson.
  • Had a church retreat where the kiddos were WishGirl (who looked a lot like Batgirl), the Green Lantern, and a cute, cuddly bear.

  • Replaced my own taillight on the van. :)
  • Kiddos got to play with some close-in-age cousins at Thanksgiving.
  • Caleb was upset at a consequence I had given. He said, "Mom, because you said that, I don't believe in you." "Ok, Caleb. Thanks for telling me. Now go brush your teeth."

  • Joshua moved to a big-boy bed.
  • Caleb successfully climbed the basketball at the mall's soft play area.
  • Katy lost her second tooth (on the 6th).
  • Church kids gave an amazing program!
  • Katy was crushing on Dr. Oz.
  • Stephen and I got a guitar for Christmas (from ourselves).
  • Celebrated Christmas and traveled to Virginia to visit Scott and Jodi.

  • Life has returned to normal minus Ken & Sarah, who are in Florida.
  • Joshua, who discovered how to operate doorknobs AND locks, had to be moved to the big kids' room in a pack-n-play.


Keetha Broyles said...

Nice to hear from you again!

Meghan said...

Wow, a lot has happened! Sounds like you guys are doing very well. Congrats on 10 years! We will be celebrating 10 years this August and we do plan to go back to where we honeymooned but I am not sure if we will stay in the same B&B (it was great but we will have the kids this time).

Deven said...

Keetha - I'm surprised you even checked my blog anymore. That was fast!

Meghan - Congratulations to you too.