Sunday, February 01, 2009

OrgJunkie's January Round-Up

Well, I nearly didn't make it.

Organizing Blog

A few snow days and two-hour delays changed my plans from "organizational time" to "kid time." Definitely not complaining, but my time didn't fall like I thought it would.

Organizing Junkie has a monthly round-up for organizing your home in manageable steps. I didn't come across it till this year, but last year focused on whole rooms and this year is more about little spots (read: perfect for dysfunctional people like me). This month we tackled paper piles and filing systems. Surprisingly, I have a filing system that I like. Not surprisingly, I didn't keep up with it. Who would want to? Look at this monster:

What? Did you expect any less from me? :)

So while I didn't change my filing system, I did discover that there was a desk holding up that mount o' paper.

I decided to keep the stand-up file thingy for bills/outgoing papers, and I'm adding a basket for TBF (to be filed) papers. I also have discovered recently that I need to keep the pencil/marker/scissor cup out of reach of children. 'Nuff said.

Thanks for the inspiration. Now I know my life will be perfect and there will be nary a stray paper in sight. :)


Anonymous said...

That's brilliant, well done! It looks fabulous :)

Keetha Broyles said...

Mail is the problem - - - junk mail to be exact. It is relentless, and unless one sorts it IMMEDIATELY upon bringing it into the house - - - - there goes that mountain.

Your desk looks fabulous, and I hope you find all the secrets necessary to keep it that way.

Deven said...

Thanks, Kitten. (If that sounds too much like a pet name, just ignore me.)

Keeps - NONE of that was junk mail! I am ruthless with that stuff. Our desk is a euphemism for "place that stands still and can hold much stuff."

Laura said...

Oh how awesome you got it done, it looks terrific!!

Thanks so much for joining in :)