Sunday, August 17, 2008

Oh Yeah -- Real Life

When last we met, I warned you of radio silence due to our lack of technological accessibility in Brown County. I should have added that the first week of school tends to have the same effect on my blogging. Anyway, here's what the Swans have been up to.

#1 - Ken and Sarah's Anniversary Celebration
We had a great time on vacation! The Swan family is a blessing because we can get the extended family together for an extended period of time and not need an extended prescription of Valium. There is a new water park in the Abe Martin Lodge where the kids wore themselves out playing each morning.

In the afternoons and evenings, there were various expeditions into Nashville, hiking, and general merriment.

On the big occasion of the real anniversary celebration, a few guests joined us for a time of celebration. The grandkids held a mock wedding to remind Grandma and Grandpa how everything got started 50 years ago. A few people read essays and poems in tribute to Ken and Sarah's years together. Of course, my kids had to make their own mark on the occasion.

Sarah had mentioned that it would be nice to see "something special" from each of the grandkids. My kids love music and singing, so they sang Caleb's favorite song, "If You're Happy and You Know It." They did a great job, and everyone thought they were adorable. I just wish the spectacle had ended there. Unfortunately, Caleb -- who rarely opens his mouth to make noises -- chose that night to walk throughout the small cabin yelling at the top of his lungs. I took him outside to relieve the 35 people who were trying to listen to the poems, etc., but I think Stephen felt bad, so he kept telling me to come back inside and give Caleb another chance. Of course that involved a lot of door opening/shutting, loud baby noises, and so on. No one else said anything, but I felt like the child was being louder than any child in the history of the universe had ever been, and I didn't want him to dominate the video recording we were making. That left Stephen alone to take the video AND pics, and with me running in and out with the baby boy, we lost track of Katy. After a time, I brought Caleb back in to feed him, and I noticed that I didn't see Katy. Stephen motioned that she was probably upstairs. Indeed, she was later discovered to be upstairs with her partner in crime, four-year-old Hudson. Take a look at the damage:

Upon questioning, they said they were pretending to be Spiderman. Sheesh. They were sooooooooooo thorough with their coloring. Katy's shirt, scalp, insides of her ears, the bottoms of her feet, and the in-betweens were all red. Thankfully, as Jodi (Hudson's mom) said, it was washable marker and not Sharpies. I spent 30 minutes washing Katy off, instructing her the whole time that when she wanted to be Spiderman, to next time use her imagination, not marker. We sang the Strawberry Shortcake song about imagination. Imagination, not marker. Imagination, not marker. As I set her down for bed, I gave her one last shot to demonstrate her understanding.

MOMMY: Katy, next time you want to be Spiderman, what should you use?
(I'm sure we all know the correct answer is: imagination.)

KATY (thoughtfully): A pen?

MOMMY: !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anyway, we had a great time there. :)

#2 - Job
I am no longer unemployed (in Greenland)!! I'm super-excited to be back at Lakeview this year teaching a plethora of subjects including Spanish, computer, and choir. Thanks to all who were praying. God has given me the desire of my heart -- teaching where Katy goes to preschool.

#3 - My Preschool Girl
Speaking of preschool, Katy started preschool on Thursday. I'm sure it would have been much harder to leave her at school if my classroom weren't right down the hall. Her teacher, Mrs. Miller, is wonderful! Katy is struggling a little with not being with me at school, but I'm sure she gets over it quickly when I leave. Caleb is putting on a similar show when I drop him off. So glad they miss me when I'm gone. :) I'm such a nerd that I took pictures while we shopped for school supplies AND the first day. Caleb comes with us every morning, so he got a picture too.

#4 - Graduation! Last Saturday, I took part in the graduation ceremonies at IWU. It was fun to see how many other adults were hitting this milestone along with me. Ken, Sarah, Mom, Dad, Nate, Stephen, Katy, and Caleb were all there to cheer me on. Katy keeps saying, "Deven E. Swan" just like she heard at the ceremony. Here are some pictures I took before things got started. Tammy and Kristy are ladies who go to my church. They are in charge of keeping graduation running smoothly and helping us graduates know where to be and when. I think it looks like Tammy is choking that guy she's "helping." :) Also pictured is the only other member of my specific cohort to graduate at this ceremony.


Keetha Broyles said...

You didn't just break radio silence, you SMASHED IT!!!!

Yippee- - - - great post!

Anonymous said...

Yo! Congrats on your graduation! I remember what a relief that was!

Keetha Broyles said...

Deven, I gave you a bloggy award over at my blog - - - check it out.

Stephen and Michelle said...

Great update...I definitely laughed at the marker story :) :)

Unknown said...

Congratulations! I love the spiderman conversation: was it really inside her EARS?! UGHHH! Wow, the life of a mom!