Monday, September 01, 2008

Good Grief

So many funny things have happened, and I'm pretty sure I won't remember but a fraction to share with you. However, in my opinion it is much better to share one or two funny things than none at all, so here you are.

#1 - Aggravation
Last week, I was working hard to get a handle on my family's laundry emergency. Being gone for a week and then the start of school had put me behind my oh-so-efficient summer schedule of one load per day. Lots of the washing time was spent on the kiddos. Katy was having trouble staying dry at preschool (ARGH!), so she was going through at least two sets of clothes per day. Other washing time was spent on the overflowing towel hamper from the bathroom. That left precious little time for the overly-stuffed Deven/Stephen hamper, particularly the "darks" one. I did manage to get all the ones off the floor as well as make a tiny dent in the top of the official hamper load. After working so hard, I didn't want the little progress I had created into the authentic hampered laundry to be thwarted, so instead of putting the night's dirty clothes in the hamper, I made a small pile outside the closet door. No, you're not hallucinating. I said I didn't want to make it seem like I had done nothing, so I made a pile of clothes OUTSIDE of the hamper.

--Sighs and shakes head at self--

All was going well with my delusional world until Stephen came to bed. I debated whether or not to ask him to follow suit and join the pile. !!! What!?! How can I ask my husband NOT to put his clothes in the hamper, something that would normally make my heart leap out of my chest with joy? (Am I right, house-cleaners?) So I said nothing. He filled in my divoted laundry hamper. I was secretly crushed/aggravated, and I fumed for a little bit, but it was just so funny I couldn't keep it to myself and told him the whole story. We laughed together at my illogical quirks. :)

#2 - I STINK
I was helping Katy get ready for school one morning, leaning in close to help her put on her pants. She looked up at me with her sweet blue eyes and said, "Mommy, you stink."


I replied, "Katy, it hurts Mommy's feelings that you said that."

"OK," she replied, and in attempt to smooth over past wrongs told me, "Mommy, you smell not-nice. Would you please take a shower?"


"Thanks," I said. "That was very polite." :)

I figured out later that I hadn't brushed my teeth yet, so after I took care of that, I leaned in close and asked, "Do I smell good now?" She took a long sniff and pronounced her judgement: "Yep!"

Oh, dear girl. How long will it be before she begins hide her thoughts? I'll miss moments like this one.


Anonymous said...

I'm glad you can relate to the laundry pile-up situation! In nyc, you can send your laundry out to be done. They pick up and deliver all folded when it's done! It's about $3/lb, with a minimum of 5 lbs, but hey, it's WORTH it sometimes!

Deven said...

Sadly, that service isn't offered in Marion (at least that I know of). Instead, we head to Wal-Mart and buy more underwear to stave off laundry dilemmas. :)

2nd Cup of Coffee said...

I enjoyed reading all posts to the bottom. Woo to the Hoo, as someone has said. And as I will be saying from now on. I'm so glad you took your kids to Holiday World. We LOVED that place, and still do, in our hearts.

Keetha Broyles said...

Fun stuff, Deven.

I mean, the READING of it was fun, and the HUMOR expressed therein was fun - - - - not that doing laundry is fun. wink wink