Thursday, July 10, 2008

a REAL toilet paper question


There is a raging debate on a friend's blog about the correct way to hang toilet paper roll. Why this is important, I have no idea since, as everyone knows, over the top is the way to go. (Take that, Keetha!) Anyway, I have a much more urgent question: What do you do when your TP roll looks like THIS:

Yup. We're out of toilet paper. I know this is shocking to all you June Cleaver-types who have Y2K stockpiles of TP to last until Jesus returns, but that's not how we roll. (Snort, snort. I didn't even mean to be punny. It's a gift.) So we here in the Swan house are either praying for the Lord's return because I KNOW He's got enough TP for eternity or for Stephen to come back from taekwondo class and, more importantly, Wal-Mart. In the meantime, we're thankful that Katy is potty training so that we have some flushable toddler wipes on hand. :)

Other thrilling news? Ken and Sarah are back from Virginia! Katy and Caleb were so glad to have Grandpa and Grandma back. Those of you whose family is very distant may find us a bit spoiled, but we really miss our family when they're gone, even if we get to see them a few times a week. We see them that often because we like them! In this picture, Grandpa took the kiddos (one at a time) on a tractor ride. We're so glad you're home!

The last bit of news is sad. Katy was playing in the yard at my Papaw's house when she picked up a toy with a hornet or yellow jacket nest inside. She got 5 pretty serious stings and a few "bites." She was brave, but it was still painful -- for Mommy and Katy. Here's a picture of us attempting to be brave.


Keetha Broyles said...

This is really strange!!! I saw Amy's comment about HOW did the bee stings occur, but there was no bee sting post - - - so I was LOST tryibg to figure out what in the world she was talking about!!!

Now I feel a big Ah Ha coming on - - - now that I can see the post!!!

Wonder where it was yesterday when Amy OBVIOUSLY could see it and I could not?

Also - - - when our toilet paper hanger looks like that, NO ONE will change it but me. That's why I get to always put the roll on the RIGHT way. Hehehehehehehe

Chris said...

I am certain my wife has posted the same response, but if she hasn't here goes.

1. It doesn't matter which way the TP goes just as long as its thick enough to cover your know the old KFC joke don't ya?

2. I had a co-worker that was adamant that the empty cardboard roll was contaminated. He was such a freak! JUST CHANGE THE ROLL!!!!!!

3. I am very sorry to hear about Katy. :(

4. Seriously think we need to find something else to about a woman in a Senior Pastor role. Anyone?

:) That will stir things up!

Deven said...

It was on Facebook before I had it on here, Keetha.

Thanks, Chris. She was over it by the next morning. We'll see how she does next time we encounter that type of bug.

Unknown said...

ughhh! I HATE it when people don't change the roll!!! The only thing worse is when someone puts the new roll of TP on TOP of the empty cardboard roll. That's even more infuriating to me, because it's so lazy! Come on, is it that much work to put it BACK ON the holder?!

Ha ha- I love reading your blog- keep those posts coming!

kristenlea47 said...

Firstly the only good thing about having allergies, is when I run out, I always have tissues somewhere. Secondly, the right way is with the paper over the top, as my ex-roommate micah drilled into my head. this is also the way for paper towels for those of you who don't want to be ridiculed by friends.

At least you have an excuse for running out of TP... I'm the only person at my apartment, and I was running seriously low this weekend. It was soo scary. lol.

Lastly, poor katy... never had that many at once. we used to have bees in the mailbox so i would always get stung going to get the mail when I was little. its never fun.

2nd Cup of Coffee said...

Oh, that poor baby girl. That just breaks my heart. But what a sweet pic.