Thursday, May 08, 2008

Two in One Day

I know -- totally abnormal. I'm just excited. Today I went into Curves to work out, and I always start by weighing myself. Since I'm in three times a week, it's frequent weighing. Enough to keep me on track. And, as of today, I'm -15 pounds! Ta da! Five more to go till I hit "pre-Caleb" weight, ten after that for "pre-Katy," and from there on, who knows. I told my momma that at this rate, I'll be at a healthy weight in about 4 years. :) Oh well. As long as I keep heading in the right direction, I'll be happy.

I wanted to share something from my ladies Bible study. We've been looking at portions of Job, a story that until now has only held morbid curiosity for me as Job gets pummeled. Anyway, something that Job longs for is to be able to talk with God face to face, so that He can answer as any man might, charging Job in a court of law. The study highlighted the fact that Job's longing was answered after his lifetime in the person of Jesus. Job wanted to be able to talk to God directly. The apostles were able to do so; I guess that Job does now. It makes me yearn (a word I don't use often) for Heaven, to see God face to face and talk with Him. I want to know my new name, sit at the feet of the Master, and sing for Him.

In other news, this is the 200th post on our blog. We've been semi-regular bloggers since January 2005, so I can't say this represents an overabundance of verbiage, but we're glad you read even if we stay silent for days on end.


Keetha Broyles said...

Oh dear - - - and I'm on post 693, and I've only been doing this since June of 2006 AND I've gone in and DELETED quite a few of my early posts to save room on blogger memory since my picture files are TOO LARGE (my editing program won't resize them and I'm too stupid to know how to do it on my own) and STILL I'm on 693.

What does that say about me? We all KNOW what that says about me - - - I TALK toooooooo much.

Jaena said...

Way to go, Deven! Slow and steady wins the race. Not that you're even in a race, get the picture, right? :)

Unknown said...

That's AMAZING! 15lbs gone for GOOD! That's almost like carrying Caleb around ALL the time ALL day! Keep going! YEY!!