Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Crazy Mornings

I think that our stay at Shawn and Jacquie's must be a source of amusement for the Lord. I haven't done anything silly like pray for patience, but He's given me plenty of chances to grow an ABUNDANCE of that spiritual fruit.Monday -- I was preparing to take the kids out to the car to drop them off at the babysitter's house. This usually involves at least two trips when I'm alone: one for stuff, the other for carrying/walking with the kids. I was on my way out the door with my arms full of stuff when I heard the sound of shattering glass coming from the kitchen where both kids were. I dropped everything on the ground and ran in to see if everyone was ok. They were, thank goodness, but Jacquie's votive holder wasn't. Sigh. So I cleaned up the glass, picked everything back up for the stuff trip, got the kids out, and went on my way. It was not the best start to the week.

Tuesday -- I was almost ready for the stuff trip out to the car when, as I walked through the dining room, I saw a pile of some stuff on the floor. It was the kind of stuff that exits from a dog's hindquarters. Sigh. (Actually, this was more of a frustrated ARGH!) So I cleaned up the poop, made the stuff trip, made the kid trip, and went on my way. It was not the best way to continue the week.

Wednesday -- By the time Wednesday rolled around, I was beginning to be very pessimistic about the mornings. Stephen had taken Katrina and Savannah to school, so Megan and I were still in the house with the kids. She's the last student to leave the house, and she meets the bus at the bottom of the driveway. I knew we had hit another one of those mornings when she asked what time it was, I told her, and saw the bus pull up to and then leave the bottom of the driveway. Sigh. SO we ran around getting the kids dressed and ready a full 45 minutes earlier than usual. I could tell Megan felt so bad about causing the extra rush and trouble, so I tried not to be as frustrated outwardly as I felt inwardly. I dropped her off late to school and went on my way. The sitter was gracious and let us come a little early since we were already in the car.

Thursday -- This morning, nothing weird happened except for not being able to find the can of formula that was somewhere in the house. I think God might be taking it easy on me today since I was up late finishing a HUGE project for my masters classes. I've been working on that thing for a year and a half, and it's just now to it's final stage. At this point, I say, "GOOD RIDDANCE!!!!!!" All that remains for me to complete the program is tweaking that project, one required class, and two electives. Graduation is in sight!


B,P,R,S & L said...


You'll be done probably before I even start!!

Keetha Broyles said...

Did you tell us, your faithful blog readers, that you were staying at Shawn and Jacquie's this week?

Deven said...

I don't think so. THAT'S how crazy this has all been.