Thursday, December 20, 2007

Nate's Progress

This is a picture from yesterday's PT session. It's a cell phone picture, so it's not the highest quality, but Nathan is playing beanbag basketball, standing with his walker. His legs have needed the most strengthening, and his therapist has been working him hard. To give credit where it's due, Nate has been working hard too.

For now, the come-home date has been moved closer: December 27th!! Although it meant an adjustment in the family's travel plans for going to Scott and Jodi's house, we're glad he's coming home sooner. His speech and memory are improving. His doctors have given us a schedule for decreasing his meds over the next few months to see if/when seizures return. Hopefully they won't. Other than that, it's a day-to-day recovery that might stretch over the next year or two. Keep praying, please.


Shoemaker Family said...

Thanks for the update. Did they ever offically diagnos him? I tried to get on his carepage and could not - if you can help me get to it I will leave you alone! :)

kristenlea47 said...

He looks like a regular Chauncey Billups in that pic (that's a guy who plays for the Pistons- which is basketball). Hehe. I'm glad to hear that he is making good progress! Love ya!