Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Pressed, but Not Crushed (Except for My Car)

If bad things come in threes, you will see me walking around in safety gear for the rest of the week.

This afternoon, I was moving furniture into my classroom. (I haven't been able to figure out a way to set it up that I like for elementary classes from Kindergarten to 5th grade.) I was adding a few things to the room, and some kind students were helping me. In the process of moving a large teacher desk, one student lost his grip and dropped the desk on my foot. The Bible says that the mouth speaks from the overflow of the heart, so I'm happy to report that no inappropriate language was lurking in my heart. :) You never know what might come out in time of pain.

That was Thing #1. Thing #2 happened on the way to Praise Team practice. I was turning the corner at 38th and the Bypass to head north. I had the red light, so I stopped. Just as I started to take off, I noticed that there were two stopped cars on the south side of the intersection. Traffic was coming around the cars unexpectedly, so I had to stop quickly. Apparently the gentleman behind me was distracted by those cars also, because he rear-ended me. Argh. Here's a picture of my poor car, marred for the first time.

Since this post is full of pain and agony, here's a cute Katy picture.


Eily Renee & Malakai Andrew Hawk said...

And #3 is... ??? It just makes for a really bad day! POO!
Hope tomorrow is better!


Keetha Broyles said...

Speaking of which, WAS today better? Did #3 ever show up?

B,P,R,S & L said...

We never actually got pictures of ours, which is unbelievable because we take pictures of everything!! It was BAD though.

Unknown said...

Car accidents are no fun. Sorry to hear about yours. I had to get my front hood replaced a few years ago because I was turning out of a church parking lot into an alley-type thingie on a dark, rainy night and turned right into a telephone pole. Who puts telephone poles in alleys?! Anyway, hope your car gets fixed soon.