Friday, September 07, 2007

Don't wanna get in trouble

I once posted on a friend's website that it's irksome when people don't update their blogs at least once a month. I didn't realize how "shoot myself in the foot" that comment was going to be. :) To cover my bum, so to speak, I thought I would let the loyal Swan readers know that we are alive and thriving.

STEPHEN is really enjoying his database administrator position at IWU. He's going to be gone to Virginia the first week of October for training. While that is not thrilling to the lady of his life, he is excited to get to see his brother Scott and his family. We'll be sandwiching Katy's birthday party and mine (Deven's) around his trip. :) He has been biking to work when the weather's nice, working in his garden, and chasing cute kids all over the house. He also holds, with Deven, the title of Fly-Killer. While we didn't quite get seven in one blow, we did get about 20 flies between the two of us while standing in one spot. What I'd like to know is who scheduled the annual housefly convention for my home without letting me know.

DEVEN is working like crazy, which is odd for someone who has gone from working full-time to working part-time. Actually, it's more that my master's program is really getting to be a heavy workload. In fact, I should be working on that right now. :) I'm reading through the Anne of Green Gables series like I do every summer. I'm on book #3 out of 8. (I got a late start -- what can ya do??) I have been working out at Curves three times a week for almost three months. I wouldn't say that I've really seen any weight loss (because I haven't -- ha!) but I do feel stronger. I'm afraid that I'll have to take the next step and start dieting if I want to see different results. UGH. Anyway, I am really enjoying my new role as the elementary Spanish teacher (as well as continuing with choir classes). The kids are so enthusiastic about learning, and the teachers are very supportive of it as well. My choirs are amazingly talented, and we have our first concert coming up next Thursday. You can keep up with what my classes are doing by checking out my part of the Lakeview Christian School website.

KATY will turn two at the end of the month. She is absorbing everything around her and really becoming quite the entertaining young lady. She is fond of her matching hat and purse set, wearing it often in the house and out. She enjoys watching the same Strawberry Shortcake DVD ad nauseum, pulling out her hair clip, and watching Bunker run around. She absolutely adores her baby brother, but she forgets that when he has the audacity to take up part of Mamaw's precious lap! She likes to sing. Right now her repertoire includes: ABCs; Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star; Jesus Loves Me; Jesus Loves the Little Children; Isty Bitsy Spider; The More We Pull Together; I See the Moon; simply dozens of songs. She is very musical -- she can tell when she's singing on or off key and makes adjustments, she remembers at least pieces of most songs she's heard... It's manna to my soul to know that she likes music.

CALEB is my little heartthrob. While with Katy I returned to school when she was two months old, I have been home with him for four months, and it's hard to be away from them both now. Anyway....Caleb is four months old. If my fingertip is not deceiving me, we have the beginnings of a tooth on the bottom row. He recently got a Bumbo seat, which is great because he enjoys being upright. He loves to be held and especially to be bounced up and down. He is always very happy to be rescued from his crib (read: jail) when it's time to eat. He appreciates clean diapers, and he has an uncanny ability to spit up on my parents. (Caleb, I put the $20 into your piggy bank.) :) He is learning to tolerate music, although it was NOT to his liking at all his first few weeks of life. He is now sleeping through the night (THANK YOU, LORD!!!!!), and that means from about 8:30 - 6. He is Mommy's boy for now, which is ok with Daddy. Daddy's got his hands full with Katy.

And that's all the news that's fit to print.


Anonymous said...

Great update!! What cute photos of the kids :)

Carrie said...

i agree with Michelle....this was a great's nice to read about you and stephen once in a while....hugs for a great week.

Unknown said...

Cute pics of the kids! Glad to hear you guys are doing well.

Oh, and thanks for the comment regarding pregnancy size. I got another comment the other evening from a lady at church who thought I looked "really small." Sheesh. I'm about 20 weeks. I still have half of my pregnancy to grow! :p

Keetha Broyles said...

And what fun news it was!!!

Amanda at Double Stitching said...

I love it - kind of like about the author. "Deven makes her home in Marion, Indiana with her husband and two children." LOL.

Hummel Family said...

I had a very LONG comment and somehow I managed to erase it! AHH!

Anyways, I wanted to say that you have beautiful kiddos. It has been quite awhile since I've been here to visit. I can't get over how BIG Katy is! I think her and Caislyn would get along great. Caislyn loves to sing too. She's also going through a "girly" stage and has to always have a purse with her.

Your Caleb is a charmer! I can see why you love him so. We love the bumbo seats too. We still use ours. We bought the tray that goes with the seat and Jakobi and Maylee eat all of their meals there.

Take care! Goodluck with the Master's!

Anonymous said...

Hi! So great to see your blog and check in! Thanks for updating (my pet peeve too!) I'm glad you peruse my blog for some mindless entertainment- Your kids are ADORABLE! Congratulations! Hope to keep in touch through "blogworld!"

kristenlea47 said...

Katy is TWO already?! That is so wild to me.

Speaking of Anne of Green Gables... did I tell you I know the guy who got cast in the off broadway show of that? He's moving to NYC ... this week actually. I've never seen it or read it, so I don't know what role he plays, but I think its main guy.

Beth said...

Okay, so your kids are really cute. Just wanted to tell you that!

Anonymous said...

Haha...I was searching for "Lakeview Christian School" under the "Blogs" tab of to see what would come up, and I cam across your blog. Nice work. (This is Steven Porter.)

Zach Vogel and I are making blogs for our computer class, so feel special that you were part of my research.