Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Doctah Paul

Katy suffers from a huge fear of doctors. She has ever since she had those stitches put in her lip this past December. I can't say that I blame her; that was a terrible experience. However, a meltdown every time my poor mom takes her to the doctor is getting old. She's 23 months old today, a sign that the 2 year checkup is just around the corner. She always is interested when a family member needs to go see the doctor, asking if she also needs to see him.

I am encouraged by her pretend play today. First of all, I absolutely LOVE watching Katy pretend. She's getting the hang of fake tea parties, giving her stuffed animals diaper changes and baths, and making her own little jokes. So this evening, I watched her as she put on my lanyard with my school keys. "Katy uh Doctah Paul. Katy uh go see Doctah Paul neck time." Hopefully her next visit will be better.

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