Monday, June 29, 2009

Keetha's Vacation Post First

Well, Keetha, as promised.... An Irish Feast!

We arrived in Ireland after having missed our night's sleep on the plane. We thought it was Saturday, but, as it would happen, it was really Sunday. We were lucky to find this place open and serving breakfast. This was my first encounter with a Full Irish Breakfast, which my in-laws both ordered. It included (at this place) two fried eggs, two white sausage links that were the size of hot dogs, two dark sausages of the same size, two slices of rashers (like Canadian bacon, but larger), beans, grilled/roasted tomato, toast, and, of course, tea.


The first time I remembered to take a food picture for you was of the yummy tiramisu from Morellis. We were Americans eating at an Italian restaurant in Ireland. We were the United Nations. :)

The next big food adventure was at Bunratty Castle's Medieval Banquet. They had the kind of food that you don't really need utensils for, great music, and fun entertainment. This is Stephen and I with our nieces, Megan (L) and Savannah (R). Savannah had to sit by some lady who didn't like to see meat on the bone. Boy, was she in the wrong place! We had rib racks, roasted potatoes, chicken ON THE BONE, veggies, and other yummies.

One of our evenings was spent touring the Dingle Penninsula, a very scenic location that was draped in fog and clouds for most of our visit. While we didn't eat at this restaurant, I thought it was totally interesting that the entire building was made from stone.

Another day trip was to the Aran Islands, specifically Innishere (or Inis Oirr). In a typical Irish day, in the morning, the weather was cloudy and cold. The girls needed some hot chocolate to warm up.

By the afternoon, it was warm enough for us to lay out on the beach and have a picnic. PBJs, cheese, and fruit taste even better with a view of the water. I even accidentally got some serious sunburn this day. Now I have a half-tanned right shin and a quarter-tanned left one. Don't you wish you were cool like me??

I spotted this Q sign in a take away place. While we were there eating our pizza (no, we didn't "take away"), we met one of the town councilmen, Cllr. Cantwell, who gave us an extensive, unsolicited history of the area, including information on when Braveheart was filmed in the area. Cool stuff.

On our tour of Dublin Castle, we saw this dining room, but we didn't deem it appropriate to eat here.

Nor here, in the fancy room, where they were setting up for some kind of shindig.

Your last "taste" of Ireland is a picture of Stephen with Molly Malone, who sells "cockels and mussels, alive, alive, oh!"
(Please excuse Miss Malone's lack of upper coverage. I'm sure things were soooooooo different back then...)

Well, I hope you enjoyed the first bit of Ireland I've had time to write about. More to come as soon as possible, but hopefully tomorrow will be occupied with the beginnings of potty training for Caleb.


Keetha Broyles said...


First of all, am I the ONLY one reading your vacation posts, or am I just the MOST special one??? Hehehehehehe

ALL the food pictures are to die for - - - but that dessert - - - that is simply amazing!!!

Were the white/dark sausages blood sausage??? Were they good???

I thought breakfast was the best meal of the day when I was in London.

kristenlea47 said...

Yay! I must say one of my favorite parts of Ireland and England was the fact that I got all the delicious tea I could handle!

AND, I heard Dublin Castle was supposedly haunted.

AND that food looked delicious.

I think I'm done for now.

Stephen and Michelle said...

How fun!! Looks like you had a great time.

I am trying to get brave and start potty training Damaris...I bought underware, does that count??? I am DREADING it in the worst way...

Deven said...

So far, potty training is going well, but poop training -- not so much. We've had days of success with potty, and ONE successful #2 job.

Mel said...

Ireland is awesome! Only been there once on a brief trip, but if ever there is another chance...
Looks like you guys had a great time! How fun! Looking forward to more pics!!!