Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Campmeeting and Pre-Vacation

This week is our church district's campmeeting, a time I look forward to every year. This year, along with the evening services, I am going to a lecture series in the mornings led by a couple from our church (and IWU profs), Brian and Elaine Bernius. This morning was my first time, and WOW is my brain in overdrive. To give you some perspective, I usually take about 3/4 page of notes during the typical sermon. From this morning's session I have 4.5 pages. So much to think about, and there are two more sessions - Wed. and Fri. morning. If you're in the area, I encourage you to attend. Let me know if you need details.

Along with enjoying camp, we're getting ready to leave for Ireland this weekend. Working on getting us packed, getting the kids packed, and trying to make sure nothing gets left behind. The last time we went on vacation for a couple of weeks, we didn't have kids, so this is adding a whole new dimension to the planning. I've gotta do the "you can make medical decisions for my kids" paper, give contact info to everyone taking care of them... Yikes. I'd better get working.


Michelle M. said...

Wow. I hope you guys have an incredible trip!

Stephen and Michelle said...

Wow! How fun...I would love to go to Ireland someday :) :) Have a great trip!!


Keetha Broyles said...

IRELAND!!! Somehow I missed the fact that you are vacationing in Ireland this summer. One of my OTHER bloggy buddies, Kirby, just got BACK from Ireland and I've already been DROOLING over her photos.

I think I'm feeling the GREEN-eyed jealousy monster. (I capitalized the green in honor of Ireland)

Jodi said...

This is so exciting! I hope you are having a WONDERFUL time (and not spending too much time fretting over the possibility of "medical decisions" while you're away)! I'm so excited to see pictures! :)