Thursday, March 12, 2009

Where We've Been...

My gracious, it's been a while since I could sit down and write, what with the meteor crashing through our roof and all.

Nope. Lemme try again.

My goodness, it's been a while since I could sit down and write, what with solving the global economic crisis and all.

That's not it either.

Shoot! I'm spending WAY too much time on facebook. Ah. That smacks of the truth.

Here are some update snippets from the last 6 weeks.
Caleb had another dr check up. Things look great. One more appt in June to check and make sure his leg is actually growing. In other news, he had his speech evaluated because he seems to be behind in that area. He's almost two and is still using monosyllabic speech. It was so neat to see the ladies who were evaluating him play all sorts of purposeful games to check him. They agreed that he is behind and gave us some tips to help him out. He was at-level or advanced in every other area of development. I'll let you know an update after a meeting we have about him on Thursday.

Stephen is doing well. He's getting excited about planning our trip to Ireland in June. It's vastly different than the Mediterranean trip we had in mind, but it will still be great.

Deven is figuring things out. With the change in job hours, I'm not feeling much like a teacher any more. I've been dragging my feet on getting the coffee shop in order because I feel like I'm giving up on teaching by doing something else. I really think I was experiencing a mild depression over it, but it's been better since I talked about it with Stephen. So, as I tell my students, onward and forward.

Katy is enjoying school, as always. She's learning how to write her name and several numbers. She's absolutely adorable with her best friend, Elise, and she brings home lots of papers for us to put on the fridge.

Family News - We have had a couple of interesting family experiences. We were so glad to be able to visit with our friends, the Fannins, in Ohio. Bekah is a year older than Katy, and Sarah is the same age as Caleb. They have another girl, Leah, on the way, but we don't have one to match yet. :) We were passing on some baby items and took in the Armstrong Air and Space museum while we were there. During lunch, Katy went to the bathroom about 47 times. At the museum, she only went once, but she chose the moment when we were at the farthest point from the bathroom to announce her need. UGH. :) It was great to see them for a bit, and hopefully we'll get to meet Leah soon.

In other family news, I single-handedly thwarted any bit of happiness for my parent's 30th anniversary dinner. Oh yeah, I'm THAT good.

It all started when Dad invited us to join them for dinner on Monday night to celebrate, possibly forgetting that I lead a Bible study on Monday nights. As he was explaining the details to me, I let him know that there was a lot of background noise and that I couldn't hear him all that well, but I got that dinner was at Texas Roadhouse at 6:15. I spent Monday afternoon calling around to the church ladies canceling Bible study, hoping that I got in touch with everyone who had planned on attending. We left just on time to head for Muncie and Roadhouse. About halfway there, I realized that we had forgotten Caleb's diaper bag. UGH! But no worries. There were stores in Muncie if we needed them. We got into the parking lot, woke up the kiddos, and were delighted to discover that not only were we there on KIDS' NIGHT, but that we were on time, having beaten Mom and Dad. HA.

Once in the waiting area, Katy was a little grouchy about having anything cool done to her, like having her face painted. My dad called just as she needed to go to the bathroom (shocking, I know), so Stephen took her, leaving me with a crying Caleb ("Daaaaaaaaaaaddy!"). Dad just wanted to check where we were and, I thought, probably have us put our names in since we arrived first. I told him we were there, and he told me that they were in the waiting area. "WHAT!?! We're in the waiting area, and I don't see you." As it would turn out, part of the conversation I missed was that instead of our usual eating in Muncie, we were going to eat in Kokomo, which is more of a halfway between our two cities. This was one of those moments where I had a combination feeling of "Earth, please open and swallow me" with a healthy side of "sinking heart." Seeing as how it was already 6:15 and the two locations are 1 hr and 19 min apart according to Google, we decided to eat where we were and meet for dessert. Oh my.

For a month's investment in pictures, see below!

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