Sunday, December 28, 2008

Weekend = Relaxation Only

Not a whole lot got done this weekend except for Caleb continuing his IV meds. Dr. R wants him to have 10-12 more days of treatment, so we're really hoping they will put in a PICC line and send us home! We'll leave that up to the docs and insurance gurus. In the meantime, Caleb is enjoying quality one-on-one time with Mommy and Daddy, and Katy is enjoying quality time with both sets of grandparents.

We did have quite a few visitors today. I didn't take pictures with any of them. Drat! Anyway, our relatively new pastor and his wife, Greg and Karen Clark, visited after church this morning. He anointed Buddy Boy and checked on us. We're excited to get to know them better as they lead our church into a new year. Caleb's sitter, Miss Patty, also came up for a visit. She brought an Etch-a-Sketch for him, which he loved! He thought it was time for Playhouse Disney, something that he always gets to see when we first go to Patty's house. Sorry, Caleb! Our last guest was a repeat visitor from Lakeview. Jinny was here before I was the night that Caleb had surgery, so I didn't see her then, but I was glad to meet up with her this time. It really is wonderful to be encouraged by our brothers and sisters in Christ.

Tomorrow should hold a more defined timeline for our stay here at MGH. You'll know more as soon as I do. :)

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Michelle M. said...

I hope you'll be able to get your little guy home soon. Looking forward to more updates.