Tuesday, December 23, 2008

'Twas the day before the day before Christmas

...and all through the Swan house was quiet and still. Unfortunately, it is still and quiet because Stephen is with Caleb getting some tests done at the hospital. Here's the story:

I took Katy and went shopping with my family in Fort Wayne while Stephen kept Caleb and worked with his dad on getting our garage door opener put in (yesssssssssss!). After returning home, Stephen told me that Caleb had been fussy and had started limping. Weird, no?

Caleb woke up but wouldn't move from his bed, refusing to put any weight on his leg. After consulting with his doctor, we took him to the hospital for x-rays and blood work. (The blood work was to rule out infection since, to the best of our knowledge, there was no fall to explain a hurt leg. Although sometimes I wonder about what those kids do after we put them to bed...) He called us later to let us know that all the testing came back normal except for a slightly elevated infection count, but nothing that was too concerning. He told us to give him some motrin to relieve swelling and pain. If Monday saw no change, we were to check back with him.

Still no change, although frustration with not being able to walk has led Caleb to invent this cute semi-crawl. He crawls with both arms and the OK leg, dragging the ouchie one behind. We got Caleb in to see his doctor, who ordered more blood work and an MRI. Stephen's at the hospital with Caleb getting those things done, and I am home with my brother and little girl. On the inside, however, I am semi-pacing the floor. I'll let you know how things go.

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Michelle M. said...

Poor baby! Please let us know what happens. I hope you are able to enjoy your Christmas!