Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Caleb doing well

We haven't been able to get on the internet at the hospital, which of course all the photos are. So you will have do with just words for now. As of 11 am today, Caleb is doing well and is napping after a morning of cartoons. However, here is the story of Caleb from yesterday on.

Caleb's doctor checked up on Caleb after a nice lunch of Pizza Hut with Mamaw and Poppy. Caleb was in a great mood and didn't mind the checkup much. However, we found Caleb had ear infections in both ears and didn't like his left hip being moved. After consultation with another doctor, more blood work and an MRI were deemed necessary to find the issue. I checked in with a wonderfully helpful lady (thanks Kelly) who sent us up to get blood work to compare to Sunday's blood work. After waiting on insurance approval, I retrieved some meds from CVS including something to make Caleb sleepy. The anethnetist didn't feel comfortable putting hime under unless it was for surgery. Fortunately, he hadn't had a nap yet and the meds put him to sleep fairly quickly. We popped up to pediatrics for an iv and then down to the MRI for his hour long test. It went well until I heard a cry notifying me that they had stuck his knee to test for the type of infection they found there. We were told that the ear infection had moved into the bone as well as around the knee. Surgery would be required and was scheduled for eight pm. Deven said the hardest part was watching Caleb enter surgery without her being able to follow. Surgery went well and less infection was found than expected. However, Caleb will be on intravenous antibiotics for a few days (aka in the hospital) and then hopefully on oral meds for a couple weeks.

We thank you for your prayers. Please pray that the oral meds will work on the infection and that we can be out of the hospital as quickly as is safe for Caleb.


Keetha Broyles said...

I am so sorry Caleb had to have surgery - - - and especially NOW. However, my semi-medical brain had LOTS of concerns, so overall I feel GREAT relief that this is the explanation - - - - I'm thinking it could have been MUCH worse.

Sorry you may be spending lots of time in our lovely hospital over Christmas - - - you are in our hospital, or are you off in parts unknown???

Love you!!!!

Michelle M. said...

Poor little guy!

I know only too well how scary it is to have your little boy wheeled away. I am glad that the surgery went well and that he is hanging in there.

I hope you will be able to enjoy Christmas even if your baby is in the hospital. Merry Christmas.

Deven said...

We're in Marion General. We'll be here at least until Tuesday, so says the Dr. And I too had much more serious medical thoughts on my mind. I'm grateful they caught it early and got it out.