Saturday, May 03, 2008

Four Things Tag

I was tagged by Keetha to complete a blog about lists of four. Now, my favorite number is really 47, but that would make for a ridiculously long post, and since I probably couldn't even list 47 different things for some of these, here's my list o' fours.

Four Jobs I've Held
1. My first job was as a newspaper carrier for a little weekly newspaper inventively entitled "The Shopper" (or something like that) in Des Moines, IA.
2. I was a dishwasher and janitor at a bakery, also in Des Moines. You would think that being around all those sweets could be dangerous, but being around so much butter cream icing has really lowered my desire for the stuff.
3. I was a student worker for the John Wesley Honors College at IWU all four years. I worked for two wonderful profs who made my job exciting.
4. Now I am a choir and Spanish teacher. Very challenging, rewarding, frustrating, and hair-graying. :)

Four Movies I Could Watch Over and Over
1. Lord of the Rings Trilogy
2. Anne of Green Gables series
3. Harry Potter series
4. Ever After
I know I cheated by having three of the four be a series, but I have issues. Besides, it's my blog, and I'll cheat if I want to...cheat if I want to... (You may finish the song if you'd like.) :)

Four Places I've Lived
I have to narrow it down to FOUR?? For an Air Force brat, that is difficult. Ok. Four favorite...
1. Marion, IN. It's the place where I've lived the longest, and my heart has sent out lots of roots here.
2. Sturtevant, WI. Our house was on lots of land, and I grew a lot as a person here.
3. Tacoma, WA. I don't remember living here, but it's where I was born, so I thought that should make the list.
4. Indianapolis, IN. There is a lot of variety there. That means more to me now that I have to make a 45-minute drive to find a Target.

Four TV Shows I Like
I don't like to watch TV while my kids are awake, so some shows I haven't seen lately.
1. MASH. It's a bonding thing with my dad.
2. Heroes. It's just cool.
3. Road to Avonlea. It's a series that's no longer aired (to my knowledge or to my uber-limited basic cable), but it's a great show based on LM Montgomery's writings. I own all seven seasons on DVD.
4. Jeopardy. I never get to watch it anymore, but I love quiz shows.

Four Favorite Foods

1. Corn, fresh
2. Corn, frozen
3. Corn, cooked
4. Corn pudding (Some people refer to it as "corn casserole.")
I like corn. Yum. And strawberries.

Four Places I'd Like to Be

1. I would love to be in bed, sleeping. In fact, I'd best hurry this thing up.
2. I'd love to be in Europe on an unlimited funds vacation.
3. Ditto #2, but replace "Europe" with "the Holy Land."
4. Heaven. Come quickly, Lord Jesus.

Four People I Tag
I don't think four people read this blog, so I will tag some famous people. I tag: HRH Princes William and Harry, Christiane Amanpour, and Stephen (who may not technically be famous, but I find him fascinating).


Keetha Broyles said...

I'm sure the princes and Christiane will read that tag, as I KNOW they are frequent fliers at your blog, and get right on it!!!! Hehehehehehe

Amanda at Double Stitching said...

You are hilarious. I'm sure there are more than four people who read your blog. I just tend to get a little behind! I really had no idea you liked corn that much. How did I miss that?

. said...

Deven, check my blog Thursday afternoon!