Friday, April 18, 2008

Updating Reject

It has been over a month since I have updated. Sad -- I know. So I'll have to at least give you some zippy tidbits of information.

#1 - We had a great time on spring break in Florida. The hot water heater broke in the trailer while we were there (a little bit of serendipity, my mother-in-law would say), so we operated by heating water on the stove for baths, filling a bucket for the toilet, etc. Katy experienced debilitating fear when we took her to Animal Kingdom and saw a 3D film that will make her afraid of bugs for the rest of her life. The kids played in the Gulf, and we spent a total of five days traveling in the car with a potty-training daughter.

#2 - I'm still working out. I think I'm up to 13 pounds lost so far. Things are zipping that did not before, so that's a good sign.

#3 - There was an earthquake in Illinois that I felt shake my bed at 5:30 this morning. Weird.

#4 - Katy is doing pretty well with potty training. She goes most days without incident. I just don't know how to make the jump to night training when she's ready. We'll figure it out as we go, I suppose.

#5 - Caleb was discovered playing in the toilet this morning. Great.

#6 - Two more classes and I'm done with my masters. WOO HOO for being done. However, I'm finding trouble motivating myself to actually sign up for those last two. How can I plunge myself back into the world of homework now that I've had a taste of freedom??

#7 - Stephen competed in a taekwondo tournament this past weekend. He received medals for his forms and sparring. We're so proud! :)

And that's all the news I can type in five minutes. Time to get the kids breakfast.


Stephen and Michelle said...

Hurray for an update!!! It is good to know you guys are doing well...

I have not braved the potty training yet...and I am still dreading it more than just about anything right now. I think I am still going to wait a month because we have a long trip to SD coming up for a wedding, and plus it sounds nice to put it off a little longer :) :)

Have a GREAT weekend!

LynchFam said...

I was off from my master's when I was on bedrest... it is so hard to start back up when you had some freedom. I started back in August but I still don't think my brain is caught up :(