Thursday, February 14, 2008


Stephen and I just watched Bourne Ultimatum (at my request) for our "we have kids so we can't go out" date for Valentine's Day. Somehow, just taking the time to hang out together seems to be even more fulfilling than BC (Before Children) dating used to be. Maybe it's because I appreciate it more.

Stephen, ever since our Toy Story 2 date eight years ago, you have captured my heart. Thanks for cherishing me and for living out the love of Christ daily.

Now I'm going to go night-night and enjoying waking up beside Stevie-P. No, wait. He gets up at 4:15 tomorrow morning.

Now I'm going to go night-night and snort into my pillow when Stevie-P has to leave so stinkin' early. Then God will probably punish me by having Caleb wake up at 4:30, crying inconsolably. :) Ain't life grand?

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Keetha Broyles said...

I haven't seen Ultimatum yet, though I did enjoy Identity and Supremacy