Sunday, November 04, 2007

Whoops (3)

10:05 AM
Not much new news. The doctors have decided to speed up the turn down of the sedation meds during the day and go at a slower speed durning the night. So today should be interesting.

Nate continues to have a fever and they say the blood pressure and heart rate rises because of this. They can not find out what is causing the fever. Yesterday they did the CT scan but we have not heard the results of the scan. They bring the fever down with tylenol when they can give it (they have to keep a close eye on the liver when giving him meds) and ice packs and cool wash cloths.

Again, we ask that you pray that as Nate awakens,that we will be there for him and that he will not be scared and start pulling at tubes. Pray that his temp will return to normal.

When we know more, we will post.

In His Grip,


PS We just found out this morning that a dear friend's dad died yesterday. When you pray for Nate, also pray for the Sider's family during this difficult time.

2:16 PM
Now that doctors have made their rounds, we have an update for you.

First, they are decreasing the sedative much faster than originally planned for. We started at 16 and hoped to be off by Monday...we're now at 4...and should be off by this evening!

Secondly, we have an intersting find from the CT scans yesterday. There is a compression fracture of the T-5 vertebrae. Cause..unknown. Slight chance it could be from an auto accident Nate was involved in 6 years ago, could be from steroids recently administered, could be even some form of cancer, we don't know. Further studies are needed, so Nate will be scheduled for an MRI of his spine to see if there are more, or if there is anything else about the spine that is amiss. This fracture could explain the fevers, etc.

Prayer requests: Pray that as he wakes, we can keep him calm and get him quickly oriented to where he is and what's going on. Pray that the doctors will be able to diagnose the spine fracture and come up with a successful game plan for fixing it.

Just so you know, I have typed this update without my glasses. If there are misspellings or other errors, excuse me. I'll get a chance to edit again later, but wanted to get word out as soon as possible.


8:51 PM
Nate is now having his MRI done. I am sure that we will not hear any results until tomorrow.

I stayed in Nate's room while the nurse cleaned his trach as he got him ready for his MRI. Then just a bit ago, respiratory came to help get him ready for the ride to MRI and she decided to clean it again. This time I opted to leave the room. I am so glad that God has provided people that can care for my son.

I also want to say thank you to Erin's mom, Beth, for the delicious lunch. It was so great to have a home cooked meal. And Erin, thank you for bringing it and warming it up. Also thanks for getting my Pepsi Free and Wes' Mt. Dew and doing our laundry and being here when you aren't working and... the list goes on.

Thank you to Wes' sister, Anna, for coming up today. She is up from Florida to visit her kids and grandkids. Praying with us before she left was a lift that we needed.

Thank you, Lord, for giving us strength to get through another day. You always provide exactly what we need.

In His Grip,


10:49 PM
What a day this has been. We went from trying to find out what was causing Nate's fever to an MRI to determine what caused the compression fracture in his spine! Wowsers! What a day.

I must say we saw some success. The sedative is now down to 4 (they stopped there for the MRI and will continue tonight and tomorrow). which to us means...he'll be waking soon!

I wanted to take time tonight to say "THANKS!" to those of you who have taken the time to come (some from out of town) to Indy, made your way to IU Med Center, paid to park, and found you way into the 6th floor ICU to visit. We've had family, friends, church family, Nate's friends from Target..the whole gamut. Thanks for coming by and offering your support. "THANKS" to those of you who read these updates and send us a message of love and support. "THANKS" to those who call to see how things are going and promise prayer support. "THANKS" to those who have sent a card, note or e-mail to let us know we're in your thoughts.

The support we've found is so refreshing in such trying times. We talk to God about it and it is empowering to know that you are talking to Him also. Keep it up!

I try, when I can, to give you specifics about which to pray. Tonight I'll ask you to pray that we find the source of this fracture in his spine and find the answer for it. And, again, that when Nate wakes he will not be fearful, confused, or combative..and that we will be at his side.

Scripture teaches "where two or three agree..." Pam and I agree, will you be the one more? THANKS!



(P.S. I did this again without my glasses..forgive my errors.)
3:26 PM
Here's the latest!

Our neurology team thinks we're working with West Nile virus, but wants another test next week to be sure. The Muncie doctors thought that for awhile as

Everyone says the same thing about the fever..."we don't know what's causing it."

Critical care team says they'll be runing more tests to see if there is Hypothyroid causing the tongue to swell.

So there's more we-don't-know's.

But now the good news! They have been reducing his sedative over the last day..we've gone from 16 down to 1 and that will be turned off soon. This morning when Neuro was in, the doctor asked me to see if Nate would respond to me. I was at the bedside holding his hand and he was looking away from me. I said, "Nate, can you look over here at dad?" No response. Doctor says, "Louder." So I turned and said, "NATE, CAN YOU LOOK OVER HERE AT DADDY?" - HE TURNED HIS HEAD TOWARD ME!!!!! Praise the Lord!!!!!

Now don't think he's awake or outta the woods or anything, he just turned his head. He's not responding to "Squeeze my hand" or anything like that. BUT HE TURNED HIS HEAD!!!! Thank you God!

Also we will be reducing the seizure medications as well starting this afternoon. They can also cause him to be drowsy, so by removing the sedative and lowering the seizure medications, we should be seeing more and more of a response out of Nate. We are soooo excited!

Thanks again for your prayers and support. Today I'll ask you to continue praying that when he wakes, he won't be fearful of confused. Add to that that as he wakes he'll have his right mind, his body will work like it should, and all will be normal.

We've got a great big wonderful God
A great big wonderful God
A God who loves everyone of us
Does so much for all of us
A great big wonderful God



(P.S. Once again, without my know the drill)

11:33 PM
Wow! What an evening we have had. Nate has been turning his head and moving his mouth all evening. I am sure he does not understand why he can't get his tongue in his mouth.

Once this evening, his friend Dan was on one side of the bed and I was on the other. He had his head turned toward me as I was speaking to him. Then Dan spoke, I am sure saying something funny. Nate turned his head toward Dan and moved his mouth. I am sure he wanted to say something funny back to Dan.

Then Erin came in and spoke and he tried to find her. When she asked him to turn his head, he again did and moved his mouth. Tears of joy flowed from both our eyes.

Erin is taking the first night shift tonight. Just after Wes and I left the room to go to the waiting room to sleep, they called a code blue for medical ICU which is the unit Nate is in. Of course, I immediately go back in...relieved that it was not my son's room that they were running to. I thanked God but also said a prayer for that person and that person's family. I don't know the outcome of that code blue, but I do know the power of prayer.

I spoke to Erin before leaving the room and then kissed Nate goodnight again. I asked him if he could open his eyes. Although he was not able to (Nate has some ointment in them that they are treating some swelling with.) you could see that he was attempting to open them.

I know that we have so much ahead of us but we praise God for the progress today. We have many unanswered questions and I am sure the emotions are in for more roller coaster rides, but it is a ride that we have Jesus with us on.

My thank you today goes to EVERYBODY! People I don't know are praying for my son. People who I love dearly are praying for my son. My mother taught me the value of prayer in any situation, big or small. Even though my mom is not here on this earth to help me through this particular battle, I thank her for setting an example before me.

I must close this update and get some sleep. I know that tomorrow I have a big day ahead of me.

Thank you, Jesus, for uplifting this mom today and filling me with joy and thanksgiving.

In His Grip,

9:41 AM
What a WONDERFUL day! Poor Nate has been working during his waking moments last night and this morning to get his mouth around his all-too-large-tongue. His tongue is swollen about half again its normal size. This morning he finally got it all in and got his mouth down to about the size of a quarter. So close!! Keep working, Nate!

In addition to turning his head towards us, working on his tongue, Nate, just this morning, has made fabulous attempts to open his eyes! He really strains to do so, but we are able to see the whites (which are very bloodshot) and just the bottom of the color of his eyes! We'll take it!!

This was a sad night in ICU. There were three families that came to the end of their battles. We pray God's comfort and peace on those who are mourning.

As we see or hear about these families, it causes us to stop and give thanks to God for his mercies and protection. He is bringing us through a scary, dark time, but He's doing a special work in Nate's life. We give Him the glory for the things he has done, is doing, and will continue to do!

Glory be to God!!



5:13 PM
Just a quick update. Nate has been doing great today. Just a few seconds ago, I got him to squeeze my hand. You have never seen a happier mom. Praise the Lord. I will write more later in the evening about the day if I get a chance. Sometimes the computers are being used by other people and we have to wait our turn.

In His Grip,

9:01 PM
Urgent call for prayer! We have been having a wonderful day with Nate's coming out of his sedation, straining to open his eyes, squeezing momma's hand, etc.

Now that evening has come his temperature, blood pressure, and heart rate have elevated, he is suffering some gastric distress (severe cramping), and with everthing everyone is doing to help these problems, and having the bright lights on in his room, he had - what appeared to us to be - one of his "focal seizures." Just a short period of twitching in his cheek and mouth lasting about 30 seconds. There is no EEG hooked up to him, so we'll probably never know for sure, but we're concerned.

Just pray for peace right now. Peace in his body, peace in his mind, peace in our hearts as we continue to watch over him and care for him.

God has done and is doing wonderful things for Nate. Blessed be the name of the Lord!



10:08 PM
I am going to try to write a quick update so that I can get some sleep and then go in to Nate's room and let Wes get some sleep.

Nate is resting now. They gave him a shot of pain medicine and then increased his drip pain medicine. If you read the previous post, you will know all that happened this evening. The roller coaster ride is a hard one to be on (Anybody who knows me well knows that I DON'T ride real ones!)and tonight was no exception.

I refuse to let tonight get me down. I praise the Lord for the joy of the progress that was made earlier today. I praise Him for being there with us tonight through this episode.

In His Grip,

10:14 AM
There have been a total of 6 seizures including last night. The latest one was at 9:37AM lasting for about 1 minute 35 seconds. This is not totally unexpected. As the seizure medication was reduced, we knew the possibility was that the seizures would recur; they have.

The plan for today is return one of the anti-seizure medications to previous levels. Pheno-Barb will be reutnred to 400 mg/day. Then also today, we will do an MRI of the brain and while they're at it, at CT scan of the abdomen to check out the gastric distress.

We will not loose sight of the fact that God has brought Nate a long way. We've seen amazing things, made major strides in this battle. He will continue to see us through it all. Uphill and down, we refuse to let go of His hand, for we are, indeed, Fully Relying On God!



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Deven, We spent some time in our Bible classes today praying for Nate and for the doctors to have wisdom. keep the faith