Sunday, November 04, 2007

Whoops (1)

I'm getting behind here. Sorry if you have been waiting with baited breath... This may take a few posts, so you might have to read for a while.

9:16 AM
An unusual day today, I'm posting the first update.

The Infectious Disease team has been in this morning and are using terms such as "Auto Immune Disease" things like "Lupus." So this is something we haven't heard to date.

The Neurology team says the six seizures mentioned yesterday were in the first 1/2 hour of being monitored. That is no surprise when you remember the seizures every 5 minutes we had just been observing over the previous 2 1/2 hours. However, she also added there were 3 seizures throughout the 24 hour monitoring period... get that? 3 in 24 hours! Talk about bringing the seizures to a halt! And, yes, we will wait until there are no seizures before we start talking about weening off the sedatives and beginning the waking up process.

On "tap" for today is a lumbar puncture and a consultation with the Ear Nose and Throat (ENT) folks about getting ready for a tracheotomy "Trach: pronounced trake" Breathing tube in his throat instead of through his mouth.

Oh...and his temp is normal this morning. Sounds like the antibiotics are doing their job of fighting the infections; oh...and it ain't HIV. Praise the Lord!

Pam and I both spent the night in the waiting area. She has a difficult time getting comfortable rest due to her arthritis. We're working on a solution for her. I was I slept like a stone.

God is working, He's still working, God is working even now...
Though sometimes we don't know just how...
God is working, He's still working, God is working even now!

I believe it!



8:22 PM
It is evening and I think that Nate is through with all his tests for today and all the doctors have been through for their visits.

We got some results back that ruled out some things. The MRI did not show anything "remarkable" but to us it was great because they said that it did not show any brain damage to the tissue.

We are waiting on the second 24 hour read of the EEG. If Nate has been seizure free for 24 hours, they will back off of the sedatives.

Nate had enough fluid to do the spinal tap today. They were happy because they will have enough to run several tests.

The feeding tube was moved from his mouth and put down through the nose. They made it go all the way to the small intestines in hopes of getting some things to "move".

I asked the nurse to tell me today all the medications that he was on because they keep changing them. About the time she got to eight or nine, I just kept saying okay. I don't know how many she named. I think he has taken more medicine the past two weeks than he has his entire life! He will be shocked when we finally sit down with him and tell him about this experience. Nate has always been careful about medications, not even really liking to take a Tylenol when he had a headache.

Once we get to where the EEG says we have been seizure free for 24 hours, we will start the wake up process. They will slowly take him off the sedatives and make sure that he stays seizure free. The doctors said that this will take awhile. We pray that this will start with the early part of next week.

My thanks today goes to our nurse that we had the first day that we were here---Emily. She was bombarded with things that Nate needed done because of it being his first day here and we got here close to shift change. Not only did she take care of Nate, but she made sure that we were informed, brought us ice, pop, and warm blankets. Anything else we wanted, all we had to do was ask.

Thanks to Katy and Caleb (and Deven for bringing them) for cheering Mamaw up. Katy gave me so many hugs last night and wanted to cuddle and sing. Caleb gave me many smiles and would wave his arms in excitement when I would talk to him. I miss watching my grandkids every day but one of this days, things will be back to "normal". And since I am here talking about my grandkids, I have to share one cute thing that Katy said. We have been explaining that Uncle NaNa (Nate) is very sick. She has been praying for him. The other day she said that Poppy (Wes) could kiss NaNa and make him all better. Oh, if it were that easy!

Thanks to God for showing me once again how to depend on Him. He has been so faithful.

As news develops, we will post.

In His Grip,


9:17 AM
Nate's blood pressure is up and he had a fever when we went to his room this morning. Both of those things are being treated. They are running more tests today, so the nurse was drawing more blood. I was a bit discouraged this morning because Nate's tongue and lips are so swollen. Today it seems hard to just sit back. So once again I am going to try to sit, pray and listen to God.

In His Grip,


9:42 AM
I just talked to Wes and he said that neuro had been in the room. The 24 hour report for Wednesday showed that Nate had three seizures. It seems strange, but we always get the report for two days ago. So tomorrow we will get the report for Thursday.

This afternoon, I am sure other teams will be going through.

Until then,

In His Grip,


12:06 PM
I'm so glad God has a sense of humor! Just awhile ago I sat down to tell you about how frustrating our day was starting out. As I rambled on and on with my complaining and aggravated banter, the computer I was on died! It just totally shut down. So, I'll now try to let you know what's happening and where we are..without all the editorializing.

The doctors from ENT (Ear Nose Throat) came by to say we'll probably do a tracheotomy the first of next week. That is they will remove the breathing tube from his mouth and put a device in his throat to assist with his breathing. It is going to aid in his comfort since he has a swollen tongue.

The neurology folks came by to say the 2nd days recording of his EEG showed again 3 seizures. The best part of that is that each of the seizures the brain recovered from by itself. That's a good thing. The sedatives and other seizure drugs will not be changed until at least the first of the week. Again the MRI showed no brain tissue damage and the EEG shows closer to normal brain activity (minus the seizures, of course.)

Pam and I are able to get some rest, and I am quite comfortable throughout the day in Nate's room, although she is freezing. We thank you for your phone calls and visits. Speaking of phone calls, we are supposed to have our phones turned off in the if we don't answer, that's why. If you call Pam's phone (260) 563-0929, you may leave a message, I don't have voicemail on my cell phone.

Thank you for your continued prayer support. Although some days are better than others, we know and acknowledge that God is in control! We trust Him completely. We are counting on Him to bring us through this episode victoriously!



9:58 PM
Well, Wes is not the only one who has had bad luck with the computer today. I tried to type an update earlier and lost it. The computer did not shut down, it just didn't post. So, here we go again.

Earlier when I posted, Nate's blood pressure and temperature were on the high side. He since has received some medication and it has gone down. He was receiving his blood pressure medicine in a drip but I think that they are now giving him a shot through his IV. Nate has one eye that is swelling and is a bit red. Pray that this does not turn into a nasty infection.

Nate seems to be resting okay right now. We are just waiting for more test results...which seems to be the story most of the time.

Thank you to the Grandstaff-Hentgen crew for the basket of goodies. And thank you Kathie for making the trip down to Indy to deliver it. We have already eaten from it. Katy and I shared an apple and of course, a couple of cookies. YUM!

Thank you, Lisa, for the goodies (both food and personal) while we were at Ball Hospital. You remembered some of our favorite stuff and we have enjoyed it!

Thank you, Katelyn and Caleb, for you hugs and smiles again today. And thank you Deven, for bringing them down and spending your fall break with us. Katy and I pray for Uncle Na Na every time she is here. She says, "Jesus, help make Uncle Na Na better. Amen" The first night we prayed that prayer, I helped her. Now I say let's prayer and she says it all by herself. Even though I can't be with her everyday right now, I still get in my "teaching" moments. She is going to be my prayer partner!

Thank you, Erin, for bringing Wes and me our "coffee". Wes has his Mt. Dew and I get my Caffine Free Pepsi. (I recently had to switch from regular to caffine free for health reasons. Don't know if we will ever be able to give it up totally!)

Thank you, Jesus, for helping us through another day. It has been a hard one--just waiting for answers and results of tests. Now that the weekend is here, I am sure that we won't hear much until Monday.
God's timing is always right and we still trust that He will sustain us and give us grace to make it through each day, come what may.

I have rambled enough.

Keep praying friends and family. We love you.

In His Grip,


9:50 AM
I tried posting earlier this morning but once again, it somehow got lost.

When I went into Nate's room this morning, he looked like he was resting peacefully. He had a fever in the night and the tape came off his feeding tube. The day shift nurse has already reinserted it. The lady who keeps the leads on his head from the EEG machine came in and wrapped his head again and sent the data off to get read. She wrapped his head because when he has a fever and it breaks, he sweats like crazy and the leads come off. Also the nurse is getting ready to give him a bath and change his sheets. All that moving along with the sweat just makes the leads come off.

Last night, Nate's nurse was Jon. I was so happy when I found out that Jon was his nurse. Jon goes ninety miles an hour and rarely slows down. He always makes sure that Nate gets top notch care. His meds are always there and he is always making sure Nate is comfortable (even looks comfortable even though he is "out of it"). He makes sure that Nate is turned so that he doesn't get bed sores. The list goes on and on. Thank you, Jon, for taking great care of my boy. I can get a little more rest knowing that Nate is in your care.

And to top it off, I found out that Emily is his nurse for the day shift today. She is just like Jon...always going, making sure Nate gets great care. She has connections all over the hospital and if she knows of something that will make it easier to care for Nate or something that another floor uses that we don't have on our floor, she goes and gets it. She also makes sure that we have what we need...blankets, ice, something to drink, etc. Thank you, Emily.

We feel blessed today.

God has been near and we are especially thankful for His Word today. Thank you to my Sunday School teachers who had me memorize scripture when I was in their class. I may not recall the exactly where it is found in the Bible, but I am so glad that the words are there.

I am also thankful for the hymn and song writers. Music has helped us pass time, lifted us up, and helped us to remember that God is still in control of this situation.

Not sure how many teams will be passing through today since it is Saturday, but we will try to keep you updated.

In His Grip,

10:15 AM
Oh, magnify the Lord with me ye people of His chioce,
Let all to whom He lendeth breath now in His name rejoice!
Of grace that faileth never, Peace flowing like a river,
From God the Glorious Giver, to Him give thanks!

Why such a song of thanks?....NO SEIZURES!!!!

Neurology has reported that in the recorded 24 hour period from Thursday to Friday AM, there were no seizures recorded on the EEG!

My heart is overwhelmed with praise to the Lord for His excellent watchcare over my son.

Join with us in praise and thanksgiving...'tis the season!



7:27 PM
Nate has been holding his own today. Temperature is staying within a good range. They have added some stuff to his meds--his pole holding his meds is full. We took a picture and will post it when we Deven brings her computer up so we can load it.

I want to say thank you to Erin's mom, Beth, for offering us a place to stay and her willingness to stay and let us rest. I am not ready to leave the hospital but I sure appreciate the offer. She also took our laundry and we appreciate not having to worry about that.

God has been so close to us today. I have even been able to catch a couple of small naps.

In His Grip,



Beth said...

I am praying for your brother. Catching up on your blog and wow so much is happening since we saw you. I hope the doctors can get to the bottom of this so they can figure out a plan to stop all of this. ((Hugs))

Keetha Broyles said...

This is rather cold and heartless to break in here like this - - - - but you know I really do care about you and what is happening to your brother now. I'm following all that avidly.

However - - - this is about something else.

VICKIE started a blog!!! (Just today) Check it out: