Sunday, November 18, 2007

Stuff and Things

I was down in Indy (like every Sunday lately) to visit with my family, and we got the chance to disconnect Nate from all his monitors and wheel him around. I thought I'd give you a look at him. He was really grumpy because he wanted to go home and his mean family wouldn't let him. :) They are talking about moving him to a rehab hospital as soon as Wednesday, so I'll keep you posted.

And outside of the hospital, life goes on. It's Thanksgiving week, so that means a few family gatherings, lots of food, and lots of time in the car. I really enjoy car travel, so I look forward to weeks like this. True, the kiddos do change things a bit, but they're getting better at car travel now.

Enjoy the movie!

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B,P,R,S & L said...

We flipped Sarah around now that she's hovering around 20 pounds, so she should be much happier on our trip on Thursday morning. 2 more classes then one more day of school!! I love having Wed. off here in Kentucky!! Have a great week! Glad to hear that Nate is doing better. I get all the updates every day!!