Wednesday, October 24, 2007

The Road Less Traveled....Because It's Wrong

I love driving. There's something very empowering about the open road. You know how car commercials are... They have the new-looking cars that hug the road as they zip along hills that make your stomach into a flap-jack. You can smell the new car smell. There are no stale french fries, crayons, nor unopened mail on the floor of that automobile. Its sole purpose in life is pure, unadulterated empowerment. (By the way, notice how there aren't kids in those car commercials? Children are relegated to the minivan commercials, and then you don't even notice them because they're so absorbed in the drop-down-from-the-ceiling DVD players they don't have time to face the camera. But I digress...)

I love driving, and I love the road less traveled. Unfortunately, I took that to a new extreme tonight. I was driving back from Nate's new hospital and thought I'd just meander home. Bad idea. I nearly meandered into Ohio!! Ok, it wasn't that bad, but I made a map of my journey so you can follow me in my Israelite-esque wanderings (complete with Red Sea, if you count Geist Reservoir).

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And here are the Nathan updates...

October 23, 3:39 PM
Wow! What a day! We're here and have gone from seizures every 5 minutes lasting a minute and a half...down to no seizures since we've been back from lunch, and his afternoon has been full of poking and prodding.

These folks here are agressively testing, scanning, checking, everything from top to bottom. They have started from zero on medicines, blood tests, visual exams, sonograms, echo cardio grahms, MRI' name it.

A group of doctors and medical students will walk into the room ask questions, examine, determine tests to run and BINGO...the techs are here to run that test. I just hope this rate will continue until we have pinned down the problem and planned out a solution.

I give a strong second to Pam's note about the care and concern of the staff at Ball Memorial Hospital in Muncie. They were tops! We couldn't have asked for anyone to care more than they for both Nate and us. Thanks, guys!

The next few days will be telling for us. Hopefully telling us what the problem is, how to go about fixing it, and about how long that process will take.

You pray with us that doctors here will be able to get seizures totally under control, fix whatever physical problems there are, and formulate a productive plan for rehabilitation and recovery.

Thanks again for all the support, prayers, and encouragement we received daily from you!



October 24, 9:38 AM
I haven't talked to Mom and Dad yet this morning, but as of last night at 10:30, he still hadn't had any seizures! They were taking him for a CAT scan. I thought that was odd at that late hour, but Dad said, "This place never closes!" Hopefully today we'll be getting updates from all those tests run yesterday.


October 24, 10:06 AM
I wish I had better news to report this morning. The EEG which Nate was hooked up to all night showed that since he was hooked up to it, he had about six seizures. This morning his temperature is 103 degrees. He heart is racing and his blood pressure is up. They continue to give medication and run tests. Keep praying.

In His Grip,


October 24, 10:24 AM
I am so forgetful this morning. Visiting hours are 11:00am-7:00pm and 8:00-9:00pm. There is a shift change from 7pm-8pm but we can always visit out in the waiting area.

In His Grip,


October 24, 5:39 PM
Lots more tests today, but still no answers. They checked his lungs, and while there is fluid on his lungs, there is not enough to warrant removal. He has picked up a minor case of pneumonia, which could be causing his fever and high blood pressure. The pneumonia is not surprising for someone who has been on the ventilator as long as he has. Other than that, more waiting, more tests.

Caleb, Katy, and I came down to visit today, and Mom and Dad were both ready to fall asleep where they sat, so I'd like to add their resting to your prayer list if it isn't already on there. Thanks, guys.


October 24, 9:55 PM

While Nate is in MRI, I thought I'd come to the computer and put some thoughts on the website for you.

The six seizures Pam mentioned have not been confirmed by the Neurologist yet. This report was from a tech talking to one of the nurses. So...while they were recording, we SAW only one possibile seizure. Pam saw a small quiver in his chin. It is so difficult to tell because his heart is beating out of his chest so everthing in the area is quaking. Fortunately, they have medicated his heart rate and blood pressure to bring it back under control.

Nathan is actually looking better this evening. He has better color and seems to be resting more peacefully.

They took him off Versed today. That is one of the sedatives, the strongest one he was on. I'm loving all these signs that we are making progress. Thanks to the medical professionals for all they are doing, but most of all, Thank God for continuing to be the Great Physician. "He who began a good work..will be faithful to complete it!" I believe!!



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Amanda at Double Stitching said...

Okay seriously, that is hilarious. Not so much that you got lost - that is always somewhat frightening, but mostly because I used to live about 1 mile from Geist Reservoir! That's where I grew up - my family's boat dock was on Geist. Of course, that area has changed immensely since then, but still...that was my old stomping ground before we moved to MI.