Monday, August 06, 2007

A Visit with Mamaw

School starts very soon. My mother, wise woman that she is, wanted to take Katy on a special outing since getting out will be much more difficult this year with Katy AND Caleb. She graciously allowed me to accompany them with Caleb on a trip to the Children's Museum in Indianapolis. After some delays (including a hungry baby), we made it to the museum at about 12. Mom decided to get a Grandparent + 2 membership for the year, so we could come back as often as we wanted without having to feel like we "got our money's worth" out of each visit. We started in the lower level with the Chihuly art glass exhibit. They have a reclining, revolving seat for viewing the glass in the ceiling. Katy didn't seem too fond of that idea. :)

We also saw the train exhibit, an aquarium display, and a dinosaur area. Katy was a bit confused, thinking that if we left the lower level, we were leaving the museum. Additionally, we were running into naptime, so resistance was high. We took her up to Level 2 for the Passport to the World section. She hugged an elephant and saw what she would look like if she was dressed in traditional Norwegian clothes. I think she makes a cute little Norwegian.

After Level 2, we hit the Playscape, an area designed for kids 5 and under. Katy loved the kid-sized world, spending time in the water area, the sand pit, the playhouse, and mowing the fake grass.

Last highlight of the day was the carousel ride. We had to stand in line through two cycles till it was our turn. To keep Katy occupied, I put her up on my shoulders and danced as the music played. She pulled my hair out of the ponytail and swirled her hands in it. I looked awful, but it kept her entertained. I am ashamed to admit that I purposefully ignored the rules and tried to get Katy on a jumping horse instead of the stationary animals. She is supposed to be 3 to ride the jumpers. So we got busted by the carousel 5-0 and got stuck on a giraffe. When the ride started, Katy noticed that the horse in front of her was starting to move up and down. Her eyes slowly looked to her own animal's pole and traveled upward......not moving. She looked at me with slightly sad eyes but didn't say anything. She really enjoyed the rest of the ride and wanted to ride again. Here she is on her giraffe, a lesser mount.
Caleb spent the day alternating between crying and sleeping in the stroller, never for very long. Here he is enjoying some time with Mamaw while Katy plays in the sand.

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B,P,R,S & L said...

Fun, fun, fun!! Caleb is looking much healthier!! School is way too soon.

Romanava said...

awww, that looks like so much fun! I miss the Children's Museum. Caleb looks great- what a cutie!

Amanda at Double Stitching said...

Too cute! I used to have a blast at the Children's Museum. I love that place. No kids yet, but maybe I'll make Michael take me, LOL.

Unknown said...

Cute Pics! Caleb is adorable!!! That's an awesome pic of him!!!
-Love ya