Friday, March 30, 2007

Big Girl Bed

In preparation for Caleb's arrival, we put Katy in a "big girl bed." It's actually the futon we've had in her room since she was born. It doubles as a guest bed, so she may be kicked out from time to time. She cried for a little while, but she's been doing that the past few nights anyway for some unexplained reason.

In the morning, we thought we heard her stirring, and I didn't want her to be disoriented or afraid, so we got right out of bed to go get her. As it turns out, the stirring Stephen heard was her in the kitchen, looking for something to drink. Yesterday I played with her on her new bed as much as possible. She really seemed to enjoy it. Hopefully she'll get into the new routine before the baby comes.
This is a "night vision" picture of Katy after she finally fell asleep.


B,P,R,S & L said...

So cute. Are you ready??

Beth said...

She's adorable. Zach is loving his "big boy bed" and throws a fit to get in it at night.

Can't wait to hear all about Caleb. :)