Thursday, January 18, 2007

My Potty Bracelet

I had an interesting adventure yesterday. My doctor's office called to let me know that I needed to come in because of an oversight from my previous appointment. I was available right after school, but I had Katy with me. Not exactly convenient, but I thought we could handle it.

When we pulled up to the office, she walked cheerfully through the parking lot, pointing at the snow and being her perky little self. However, she pulled a Dr.-Jekyll-and-Mr.-Hyde once we actually entered the office. Ever since she had to have her stitches, she doesn't love any doctor's office, and I think she recognizes the "medical" smell. So she was less than excited, but SuperMom (that would be me) saved the day by handing over her wooden bead bracelet. Katy is, despite my best efforts, a girly girl in matters of jewelry. :)

We went back into an exam room. I had my blood drawn from my left arm while I held Katy with my right. Everything was going smoothly till I had to use "the facilities." We stepped into the restroom, and as I hung up my coat on the back of the door, I noticed that Katy was toddling toward the non-lidded potty. With my bracelet. The human brain is capable of some pretty rapid thinking, but -- as I learned -- is not faster than the toddler's ability to cause trouble. Before I could stop her.....plop. My beautiful wooden bracelet, a gift from Stephen, was floating in the potty like a piece of..... well, you know. I quickly fished it out and wrapped it in paper towels. I finished taking care of business, and we walked out of the bathroom, leaving my rescued bracelet in a wad of paper towels on the side of the sink.


So after I got home, I realized my mistake and called the office. Their phones were already shut off for the day. I thunked and thunked of a way to prevent my bracelet from becoming a landfill treasure. Fortunately, one of the ladies from my church works in that office, and I was able to leave her a voicemail. This angel of a lady fished through the trash, found my bracelet, and brought it to church last night.

So now I'm the proud owner of a potty bracelet. :) Let me know if you have any thoughts on how to sterilize that puppy...


Amanda at Double Stitching said...

LOL - that story is so funny and so not funny at the same time. I guess I would suggest spraying it with Lysol. I don't think it would hurt the wood, although you might want to check the directions on the Lysol can first. Other than that, I would probably just drop in it some water with dish soap. If the toilet water didn't hurt it, another bath shouldn't! :) Maybe I'll ask Peyton Manning at the game this weekend, LOL. I'll try to make a big sign so they show us on TV!

Stephen and Michelle said...

That is too funny!!! Titus has this infatuation with the toilet too...and if we don't keep the bathroom door shut him he throws stuff in. Is it too early to potty train????

Have a great weekend!!

Keetha Broyles said...

LOL - - - Korie actually FLUSHED her cell phone down once while she was in beauty school!!!

Actually - - - I think you are FORTUNATE that the beads were wood. I know it seems gross - - - knowing where they were- - - but I actually read somewhere that wooden cutting boards were SAFER than the plastic kind because the wood contains natural antibacterials.

So - - - so do what you think best, wash the thing, bathe it in Lysol, hang it out in the sun for several hours as soon as it gets warm - - - - then just quit worrying about it. I think it will be ok!!

PS - - - WE'RE GOIN' TO THE SUPERBOWL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anon said...


funny story

kristenlea47 said...

Boil, boil, boil. Haha. That is so funny and... crazy. I think my favorite part of the story was your comment about Katy being a girly girl for jewlery, despite your best efforts. Haha. Ahh its okay. Being girly isn't all bad, as long as you're not "that girl." Haha.

Keetha Broyles said...

Deven - - - I can't WAIT to see you up close and in person - - - - mono y mono - - - - 'cause I have my OWN story of this same ilk that just happened yesterday - - - and I'm DYING to tell you, but I shan't be telling the entire universe!!! :-)

2nd Cup of Coffee said...

Yeah my mom dropped her glasses in a public toilet. After the shock of that, I'm surprised she's still with us.