Saturday, August 12, 2006


Here I am, posting, when I should be either a) in bed, b) looking for Paula's maternity shirt before she kills me -- these pregnant women, I tell you, or c) working on some homework. Now look at those choices again. Does any one of them scream FUN? Nope. I didn't think so either. I'd rather tell you all about a pet peeve of mine. Actually, it's not a pet peeve. Just a normal peeve, I would say. Does this sentence sound ok to you: He instructs the students to grow them in knowledge. Nevermind that it's not a great sentence. Is anyone else bugged by the use of the word grow? People grow non-souled objects like plants, but they don't grow people (unless you're a child of the 80s and you remember Xavier and his Cabbage Patch Kids). Argh.

Speaking of Cabbage Patch Kids, my first one was a little brunette, and I'll never forget the name that came printed on her little birth certificate: Albertina Lynette. Yikes. Isn't it odd that I named all my stuffed animals and dolls, but the only name I remember is the one I didn't create. Albertina Lynette Swan... Now that would make a great kid's name.

Last thoughts for the night -- more serious. I heard via staff phone tree that our principal's father died tonight. Please pray for Kelly as she starts the year off with a difficult loss.


B,P,R,S & L said...

I am biased, but looked for my maternity shirt sounds really really fun :~) And I'm not going to kill you, I just need to know if I need to start looking for it everywhere.

kristenlea47 said...

My cabbage patch doll was named Gail Rona (I pronounced it like roh-na with two short vowels)- and she looked just like me (only cuter).

Amanda at Double Stitching said...

Maybe I'll need that shirt when you all are done with it...I'll keep you updated on that :) LOL. And my first Cabbage Patch doll was named Laura Marjorie. Random!