Friday, July 21, 2006

New Links

As a person who has found most of her blogs by mooching off other people's sites, I thought I would contribute to the greater good and do a list of the ones that I follow. I also tried to include the maiden names for the girls you might not recognize by their married names. I know I'm terrible at that. Hope this is helpful, and I also hope Stephen will let me keep all those on here. :)


Stephen and Michelle said...

I didn't know you even read ours!! I feel honored :) Funny, because I just found your website through someone else's and have been checking yours out and didn't know how you would feel if I added you to our list of friends. Very ironic :)

Funny that we used to live just two houses apart and never really saw each I get to see adorable pictures of your sweet baby girl and see how you guys are doing all the time...nice.

Amanda at Double Stitching said...

Okay missy, if you're going to link to my blog I decided I'd better post again, LOL! I have been a little busy...go and read about it!

Keetha Broyles said...

Appears to me that Stephen did NOT let you keep your links list - - - - just as well since I wasn't on it. :-) (See -- you're not the only one with comments/links ego mania)

However - - - what I WANT to know is, 'howscome' HE gets to keep Stephen's Wish List as a link, but all yours had to go????? Hmmmm?

Oh - - is "Recipes" your link???? Well then, PUT YOUR NAME on it Girlfriend.