Thursday, June 15, 2006

All Hail Vicodin!

As of yesterday, I have four fewer teeth than before, thus bringing my lifetime adult tooth extraction count to seven. My teeth are so cramped up now -- I can't imagine what my smile would look like with all of those puppies in there. I thought about going with a grill....but then I thought it would be a little hard to teach with something like that. So around January, I'm going to go for tray braces, as I mentioned earlier. I did not get to keep my teeth, therefore the tooth fairy didn't visit me last night. I must confess myself a bit disappointed. She and I haven't met for some time, and I think that might have been my last opportunity to do so. I hear she's giving out $1 per tooth nowadays. The Swan family checkbook could have used that little boost. :) Anyway, the good dentist gave me a prescription for Vicodin, and so I am relatively pain free. It is a bit odd to feel those holes in the back of my mouth, but I'm sure I'll get used to it over time. Beautiful smile - here I come!

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Jodi said...

Hey, Deven, thanks for leaving a note on our blog, therefore leading me to yours! :) You're the first Cole to make an appearance there! It was great to hear from you!

When I was in fifth grade I had to get braces...they took out ELEVEN TEETH IN ONE WEEK...