Thursday, March 30, 2006

I am a human wasteland

Well, I have now come to a new low point in my life. You know those commercials that say something to the effect of "Having a baby changes everything?" They're right, but my life hasn't changed quite the way I thought it would. I am enjoying parenthood. Some of my favorite moments are when Katy wakes up and just beams at me coming to get her out of the crib. There are also not-favorite moments, the subject of this post.

We spent the past few days in Gatlinburg with Stephen's brothers. I was playing with Katy on the floor and sensed a wetness on my jeans. My favorite jeans. Apparently when I was changing her diaper, she had wet all over the floor, and I was the human rag cleaning it up. Disgusting. So my wonderful sister-in-law, Jacquie, put the pee jeans through the wash and my life was back to normal. Or so I thought...

Time to eat. Katelyn has recently moved into the world of real food, a world introduced to her by Mamaw Cole. My mom started off feeding her sweet potatoes, and she loved them. On our trip, it was time to move on to a new food -- green beans. Those of you who have been down this route before might be thinking to yourself, "Hmmm.... This should be interesting." And it was. The first time she tried green beans she made a distinct yuck face, but she did well for this being her first exposure. Then came day two. She had decided that only a totalitarian regime would try to force these THINGS on her a second time and chose to stand up for her rights. She did a huge raspberry into the spoonful of pureed green beans, splattering her loving mother (namely me) with little specks of green goodness from head to waist. Ewwww. She won the battle that day, but we're still waging the war. DICTATOR PARENTS UNITE!

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